Everyone Makes Mistakes

Posted on September 23, 2014 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Everyone makes mistakes, no matter how perfect we think we all are. A lot of our mistakes go unnoticed and we don’t learn from them, then there is the mistakes that are unavoidable and ruin everything we have already planned. Some of the mistakes we all make are minor and no one really cares about them until it effects them. Then there is the more serious mistakes that go towards regret, we’ve all regretted something in our lives even those who deny it.

We regret not being with the people we care about when they need us most, we regret saying things that seriously hurt others and change the course of our lives. We regret what we said, or for lack of a better word the things we didn’t say. I know I have, have you?

The point I’m trying to make is that everyone makes mistakes, no one’s perfect so why do so many people try to be. Is it because they are scared of letting people down? Letting themselves down? Or is it because a lot of people don’t want to admit that they did something wrong and don’t want to take the consequences.

The world is a big place and when mistakes are made by our generation they aren’t thought too kindly upon. According to senior citizens the people between the age of 8-25 are all trouble makers, how do they work that one out? Because its happening in the newspapers, on the TV, and on the streets. Our world is changing, we are changing and making mistakes as we go along, learning the lessons that come with it. But some people, just doesn’t see it like that. Because we don’t live in fear of authority we are considered “Yobs”, we experiment with alcohol and drugs and take the consequences for it.

Our generation is looked down at by the people who don’t know what it’s like growing up in our world, there is so much pressure there that we all instantly snap making some of the hasty decisions that nobody wants to see their children go through. But the pressure just doesn’t come from peers or drugs or alcohol. It comes from closer to home.

Parents and teachers constantly warn people over the dangers of drugs, sex underage and exams. Of course taking drugs is bad for you, but how about the people that it helps? They don’t explain that in case we have this idea to go and do drugs, some of us may do drugs because we want to .Not because someone tells us to, the whole thing about sex really bugs me on how we apparently need to be educated on it. But if your wise enough to make that decision, use protection and doing the deed with someone you really care about then it shouldn’t be wrong.

If a girl becomes pregnant at an early age, it is considered bad. But can’t a young mother take care of a child the same way as a mother who is older and married? They aren’t given that chance nor will they ever have that chance to prove themselves to others and say “I can do it, just the same as everyone else”. The older generation and teachers should be encouraging more youngsters to act mature in these situations, but yet again they don’t. They only want us to know about the dangers and bad things about having sex, it could hurt (obviously), you can have STI’s and you can get pregnant. The generation who is older than us, head and shoulders above our apparent maturity tries to scare us out of having mature relationships. If we make a mistake we can learn from it, whether some people agree or not we still have the right to make mistakes, learn from them then move on.

The whole concept of exams is getting tiring, so many people are being encouraged and so many people are being let down. Not just by their parents, or themselves but teachers. Teachers have this amazing way to try and push you into their way of thinking, “get good grades to give the teacher a good name”. We all try in exams and when we fail, we all feel miserable not only because of us but because we know we are going to be ridiculed at school. Not everyone is meant to be a rocket scientist, not everyone wants to have a job where it counts on the best exam results. Some people want to do different things, but there’s no room for individuality as far as life is concerned.

Near exam time everyone panics on what they have to revise and obviously no one is that perfect to remember everything. So why do they expect us to?

Because all they care about is gaining themselves a good name, getting to be known as one of the hardest working teachers of the year who push and push and push. But a teacher can only push so far when the pupil finally snaps. Under extreme pressure anyone would snap, but is it really fair for fifteen year olds to go through it when they still haven’t apparently come to grips with maturity. If we aren’t mature for the world, what makes them so sure we are mature for sitting exams and planning our futures.

Honestly all I can say is that I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to grow up just yet, in fact I’m certain of it. You have your whole life to work and make money and only a precious few years called childhood to actually have fun, after that any dreams of making it as teenager is snuffed out by those who say its impossible. We are only children for at least sixteen years and the rest of our lives we have to live up to others expectations, we still have to as children and that fear of being told what to do, how to live and possibly how to make our world a better place is drummed into our heads.

All through life we experience mistakes, some of the mistakes I make is sometimes different to the mistakes that friends make. But isn’t that the point of growing up? Making mistakes and building our lives the way we want to live them, if you live in today’s world you obviously can’t because someone will find something wrong with it.

There’s a brighter side to life, which people often forget and pretend that it isn’t there just so they can whine and complain about every little thing. We might not be able to change the world but we can change our lives, making the decisions that we want to make and learning from the mistakes that happen. -mibba.com

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