Posted on March 7, 2014 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Life does have a purpose.

Life is meant to be experienced. You’re here to have fun and explore. Your job is actually to simply be happy. It’s society and convention that drill into you that you have to find a career, settle down, have passion and drive. We’re taught it’s the only way to succeed.

But the truth is that some souls incarnate simply to play in the sandbox of life. They’re not here specifically to have an impact or change the course of the world. They’re here to experience life. To share, to learn, to grow. And honestly, that’s purpose enough.

Do not let society judge you. And don’t judge yourself.

Yes, some people decided to incarnate to have an impact, to change the world, to get their hands very dirty. Let them. Sit back with your bucket and shovel and just play in the sand. Along the way you will learn, grow, and experience. And your life will be just as purposeful as anyone’s.

Put joy, love and compassion into the world. Share the journey. Do what you enjoy. Drift from one joy to another. Don’t hurt other people.

Make your own personal castle in the sand. And if the wind or the water knock it down, build another.

Whether you came here for some grand purpose or to simply experience what life has to offer, you are an important and valuable piece of the greater puzzle.Natural memory enhancer