Everything is important in life

Posted on May 3, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal


Everything is important in life , its upto our understanding what we focus our attention on and to what or who we give priority.

Nothing in life is without importance and everything in life has meaning and importance and everything happens for a reason. Balance is maintained by bad aspect of everything. The very reason why good memories appear so good is because the acknowledgement and witness of bad memories. Bad and good memories are like fluctuating wavelength ,reversing back and fro ,yet maintaining the balance. So good or bad , both attain and draw viable meaning and purpose out of each other.

What’s most important is our lives and how we cherish and live it and what we devote it towards. Everyone lives for one reason or another, most are selfish but those who lives in love with everything alike is enlightened one. Nothing exceeds our mental capacity to think but that’s what we want to realise and keep self stuck with mundane everyday tasks and phenomenon. Life is much bigger and about much important things if we open our eyes and look beyond the gambit of our perception.GauravJeet Singh

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