“Failure is the stepping stone for success”

Posted on January 31, 2020 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

There is a saying “Failure is the stepping stone for success”

These words does hold true. Below is my personal take on this topic.

  1. If we don’t fail, we don’t learn anything new or even attempt to make another try
  2. Failure often puts you to the brink of ‘doing something’ to achieve success.
  3. Failure always tries to beat you down, but it is also trying to make you stronger and helping you to stay afloat or even learn from the mistakes, and help in becoming a better person.
  4. Failures also tries to remove procrastination (Well, up to an extent, as you would have gotten serious about the life goals)

There are many more such reasons, which I can glorify on stating that failures does try to put you in a front seat in order to achieve/become something in the world.

The satisfaction you get after overcoming a failure or even shout at the top of your lungs in a staircase is immeasurable. There is always a high amount of happiness once you achieve the things, you have always dreamt about.

It is totally understandable, that failures in your day to day activities will put you in a backward direction, but, sometimes you have push yourself at certain failures to have a smooth ride later in life.

Every time, you fail learn from it and always say to yourself – Let me give it another shot, there is a high chance , I will succeed, and  probability might be good this time. Never give up!

  1. Approach any problem with a positive and fresh mind
  2. Never consider failure as a blocker in your life
  3. Don’t take failures to your heart every single time. Learn from it and fight to achieve
  4. When, in the time of a failure, try approaching the same from various different angles to solve them, rather than ponder over the same thought of “Why couldn’t you ? “

Always Keep Smiling! – Sasha Niza Sabtu

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