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So now that sweet little baby that you remember so well is a teenager. Being a Parent to a Teenager sure seems to bring back wistful memories. It seems like just yesterday that you were complaining about the 4 a.m. feedings, all the diapers, having no sleep, a colicky baby,and all the “fun” that goes along with a newborn that didn’t come out with an “Owner’s” manual. Then came those “terrible two’s” and the tantrums, defiance, and constant demands that a two-year old has when trying to find their place in this world; and there was no “Owner’s” manual for that period either.

That period was followed by kindergarten, grade school, t-ball, dance and piano lessons, PTA meetings, cookies for the class, and class plays along with doctor visits for shots, baby teeth falling out, new teeth coming in, and the full 24 hour daily schedule. Just when things “appear” to be getting somewhat into a routine, and everyone seems to be
getting along and things are calm, the ominous music would begin right here because the teenager has emerged. It seems like they have morphed into some crazy creature virtually overnight and you long for the days of teething, the terrible twos, and t-ball practice. Of course not all teenagers are bad, but they certainly seem to have an endless supply of energy
– oh if you could just bottle that energy and sell it, you’d make an infinite fortune. Sometimes it’s the boundless energy that drains parents, but at other times it’s the unrelenting demands,the unflinching beliefs of what is right and what is fair (especially since every rule is totally unfair), and the constant need to be somewhere else with someone else. It’s a time when you have to look at this stranger moping about the living room and you wonder when the aliens are going to return that wonderful child who inhabited this body for the past 13years; but in the meantime, there must be some ways of dealing with this strange characterwho has now invaded your home.


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