Posted on April 6, 2020 · Posted in Blog, General, Memo Plus Gold, Personal

All our healthcare, enforcement agencies and border control frontliners are working tirelessly to either treat the disease or to contain the further spread of this dreaded disease.
However, some unreasonable people are making life very difficult and unbearable for these medical frontliners, who are already working around the clock to treat patients of the Covid-19 illness. Very often the demands of some of these people are very unreasonable and selfish. Refusing to be quarantined, demanding unnecessary screenings, lying about their travel history and concealing the fact they had been in contact with a Covid-19 patient Рthese are some of the daunting issues that our medical personnel are facing daily.
It is generally accepted that a patient suffering from a medical condition, who visits the hospital is very stressed. The clinical environment, diagnosis delay, anxiety over the treatment itself and some misunderstanding or miscommunication can further aggravate a patient. The usual very long wait for a patient in getting treated in a hospital due to the work overload of the medical practitioners is also adding to the strain. Unfortunately, this has led some patients to lash out at their doctors and nurses through verbal abuse, threats of violence and sometimes, even assault. Patients must always realize that they are not the only patient in the hospital. Hospitals are a very busy place. A limited number of doctors and nurses have to attend to hundreds of patients daily – and quality healthcare cannot be rushed. The medical practitioners are fully aware that the patients in the hospital queue are angry and frustrated. The patients must remain flexible and be understanding and reasonable; as someone else might have come to the hospital with a real pressing emergency. Under these conditions, we have to show our patience. We cannot demand immediate treatment. We just have to accept that when our turn comes, we will be attended to and be treated. We must remain rational and calm always. We must also realize the lives of the doctors and nurses are at a VERY HIGH RISK as they are susceptible to contact this deadly virus at any time during the course of their work.
It is vital for everyone to cooperate and adhere strictly to the home quarantine measures and to the movement control order, as the authorities try to slow the spread of this dreaded disease and to spare our country’s fragile healthcare system and the prisons from being overwhelmed. Some people do not take the lockdown measures seriously. Our enforcement agencies and border control frontliners are subjected to verbal abuse every day by these irresponsible characters. As a result, there are daily media reports of disturbances and arrests all over the country.
Our enforcement agencies and border control frontliners are exposed to the vagaries of our daily weather in order to keep us safe and free of the Covid-19 virus. It is our duty to make sure that we abide by the orders and the instructions of the authorities. We should never hurl sarcastic remarks, harsh insinuations or foul language at our frontliners. They are being deployed to implement and to maintain the law and order during this current lockdown. They do NOT deserve rough treatment from us. If we do NOT follow the orders and the instructions of the authorities, the period of the lockdown may be extended. Let us all cooperate fully with the authorities and hopefully, we can return to our pre-lockdown daily routine sooner.
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