Helping the poor will be a blessing and the happiness gained will be enormous.

Posted on July 28, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

I hate to burst your bubble all of you who have way more money that you will ever need. No matter how much you have you are still going to die and some else will have it. There are too many people who are saving their wealth for no other purpose than to say they have more than some one else.

Lots of good reasons why one should help the needy, namely:

  1. It’s the moral thing to do. If you were lucky enough to get yourself in a comfortable spot in society, you have an obligation to help others get to that point as well. We all have this obligation to some degree. It’s like the economic concept of opportunity costs, how much damage do you inflict on the world by not doing anything? This realization should move you to action.
  2. People aren’t islands. Enriching the world around you is a way of enriching yourself. There are only so many personal comforts money can buy you. At some point it is rational to consider how improving other people’s lives would improve yours as well.
  3. Not everyone in society has to be a professional money-maker. That would be a very boring world to live in. Giving other people money enables them to pursue personal goals. Think of all the great artists in history who were totally dependent on their patrons.
  4. The way they obtained the money might be immoral. If you want to get really rich, you’ll have to be able to rip other people off. Refuse to give people who worked hard on a project a fair share of the results. A lot of really smart and productive people are also complete pushovers.

All that being said, I don’t think giving the poor money is really that good of an idea. It’s better to reform the system we live in so that poverty is no longer a possibility. Instead of giving the poor money, how about you try building an economy maintained by the masses themselves? Change private corporations to worker cooperatives. Help new worker initiatives get off the ground. Found institutions for mutual aid. Develop new non-proprietary technologies. Help people organize to defend their interests.

Giving money away is a really poor long-term solution. It maintains the fundamental structure of society. Once your charity practice falls away, which it will, the poor will go on being poor and the rich will go on being rich. If you care about the poor this is not what you want.

Finally, generosity should be voluntary. Nobody made them do it, or demanded it of them. The wealthy should help the poor because it’s the right thing to do, not because the government takes their money from them by force. Helping the poor will be a blessing and the happiness gained will be enormous. – mkNatural memory enhancer