Helping your child choose a career

Posted on August 10, 2012 · Posted in Parenting

By Raviraj

When your kids finally grow up and enter middle school, it becomes a necessary part of parenting to help them choose a career for themselves. In order to prepare themselves fully for one particular line, your children need to start honing their talent accordingly, and who best to guide them but you? As a parent there are many roles you will have to play. From the villain to the hero, parenting covers them all. When they need you, you have to be their best friends, their role models, their guide through life and sometimes you even need to mete out punishments for all the times they disobey you. After a certain point of time, parents and kids are able to talk to one another freely and it is at this time that you need to introduce the various options which are available and hope that they will choose the right one.

While you cannot directly influence their choice, you can try to guide them as best you can. Parenting sometimes means becoming the bad guy in the relationship between parents and kids. So if you see that your child is making the wrong decision, by all means try and stop him or her. However, you need to realise that at the end of the day the decision is their own and if they are convinced about the choice they have made, you should give them a chance to prove their worth. Parenting sometimes makes parents think too much and even if the chosen career path is comparatively harmless, they may react violently to the choice. In a case like this, it is best to maintain your cool and hear your child out before jumping to conclusions. In order to pursue a particular career path, your child needs to start as early as middle school. While it may seem an easy to choose between commerce and science it is one of the most difficult decisions in your child’s life and may shape his or her career or break it. Therefore when he or she is making this choice, make sure you use your parenting skills to explain to him or her all the options available. To clear all the confusion your child may even need some time. As a parent you need to support your child no matter what decision he or she makes.

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Parenting also means going that extra mile to make sure your kid does not end up making a huge mistake. Therefore, if necessary visit a career counsellor. Many children have this notion that visiting a psychiatrist means that you are mad. However, as a parent, you need to clear this notion and explain to your child that career counsellors only help people choose the right career path for themselves. Do not try to counsel your child yourself as you may go horribly wrong. Parents and kids also need to have a discussion regarding what the child wants to do in the future. These are all various aspects of parenting which most parents seem to be unaware of. Before starting a family, you should sit and give all this serious thought, because your child’s career is not a phase which will pass. Good parenting also involves encouraging your children to pursue careers and be independent instead of getting married early. While there is nothing wrong in an early marriage, in today’s day and age, pursuing a career is equally important. Whether it is a career in the advertising world, the film world, the animation world or even in the armed forces, supporting your child’s decision is a very important child choose a career parenting tip.

Another important parenting skill you should cultivate once you become a parent is the idea of putting your idea across without a war following. More often than not, teenagers feel that you are suffocating them with your opinions. While this may be far from the truth, they feel so simply because of the pressure they face. Along with peer pressure and the pressure of performing well, they have the additional pressure of choosing a career path for themselves and preparing themselves accordingly. So if your child snaps at you, do not think that it is because you have not been able to be good at parenting, it is only because they do not have any other way of expressing their frustrations.Natural memory enhancer