How can I always be happy and positive in life and have many friends?

Posted on June 12, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal


A very simple way to be happy & positive is to accept the truth & believe in karma.

You will be happy only & only if you will think positively .

The incident in one’s life which hurt the person from core of their heart is breakup or heart-break .

In that worst case too I will say to accept the fact that this happened and things happened for something good only.

Remember, Everything happens for something good.

This sentence is more then enough to make yourself happy in that worst situation too.

Even the most famous writer of quora

Rana Ashish sir went through this heart break & ask him how happy he is now.

So , Being happy is totally depends on your mentality how you are seeing the things.

Instead of getting worry about the problem accept the fact & utilize that time to find out the solution of the problem.

I remember once my friend romantic coder said this sentence to me

“Think your life as a movie and treat yourself as the hero & then tackle the situation like a hero”

And you know what a hero never loses :p

And in bhagwad geeta also it is written :

“Every problem comes with a solution”

So be positive be happy.

Let’s come to the second part of the question “…& have many friends.

Well if you are successful in your life surely you will have many friends but if you are in trouble then you will have few friends but true friends.

So don’t go for many be true to yourself that’s enough for people to treat you as their friend.

Stay Happy & Have a nice day. – Vinayak Gupta

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