How can some people live a purposeless life, without dreams even they are capable of achieving them?

Posted on April 22, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal


Everyone has the capability to do something in life, and that too exceptionally well. Be it teaching, coding, acting, innovating, creating, etc.

I believe that everybody do the ‘things’ for some purpose or dream or maybe due to compulsion. The main kick here is to find what are you made to do. To know about your passion.

Every person wants to do something, some can actually realise what they want in life and some people just die regretting their whole life. I often find people complaining about their 9 to 5 jobs: some don’t find it interesting, some are doing it just to make their ends meet and some people just don’t have guts to follow their dream, they are afraid of the society.

All these type of people mentioned above or any other person who is unsatisfied with his/her current work position are just doing their ‘supposed to be doing’ work and breathing. They say, life’s just passing.

Now comes the other type who are doing what they like, but are lazy as hell to work hard to get to that next level.

The truth is everybody survives, this life cycle can’t stop and you’ve to live regardless whether you’re living your dream or not, regardless whether you’re capable or not, regardless whether you care or not.

This just cannot be stopped. – Shrey Wandhwa

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