How do I increase self confidence as a student during examination time?

Posted on October 9, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Whatever the feeling that you are getting it’s just because of your low self esteem. This may not be true in reality. What is my suggestion to you is just be mindful. Do not think much about past and also do not worry too much about the future results which will ruin your present . Too much apprehensions will lead to lower performance. So just focus on the task which you are doing at the moment, means if you are reading a chapter,fully concentrate on it without keeping worries of result. When you put effort wholeheartedly definitely it will yield a good outcome.

I think the best way is to read properly
If you have read properly most of the time you will be confident..
If you are saying that I have read most of the things but still you are short of self confident there are few ways your self with someone who doesn’t prepare well ( it helps to evade from fear of failure)
If you are facing a competitive exam this one doesn’t help..
2. If you have enough time try answering a model question have many model question papers…( This process may increase fear of you haven’t learn properly)
3. Few of my friends used to watch some inspiring movies,few of them hear inspiring songs ( I tried personally tried this to felt good)
4. Try studying with a friend during the final hours…A company always helps you to be better prepared…I do combine study before my exam for revision…it helps to revise faster better…but a combine study can become disastrous…2 person studying is better than a large group at the same time it is better than single person…but you should find a good study partner who has similar thinking like you similar study style..
5. Help a guy who is a slow learner it will help to improve self confidence…
6. Malaysian style : pray to GOD and do all sort of worships

Finally, have full confidence in yourself that you will do the best by answering every question during the exam. – mkNatural memory enhancer