How do I stop hurrying to do things?

Posted on February 11, 2020 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

What attracted my interest in your question was the distinction you made between you, your mind and (presumably) your body (hurrying). Is it your mind which hurries or your body? And you, what are you doing, observing? If we could just observe, we would soon see clearly what is happening. It turns out we do not just observe, we also comment. We say, I don’t want to hurry.

Perhaps you noticed that your mind is really just another part or function of your living body; without the alert mind, your body is a great risk for harm, even death, and certainly missed opportunities. If you noticed that, then you are in a better position to notice that you too, this observer / commenter, is also a bodily function. Being located in the brain does not make a function any less a body function; the brain is very much a bodily organ, one with multiple functions.

Does your body hurry when it eats its food? Would you prefer to observe your body eating consciously, like a pious monk hoping to earn merit to get into heaven? Perhaps it will be more interesting and edifying to observe your body being the animal it is, wolfing down its food. Observing the body in action has the effect of turning down the volume knob on the internal commentator. That facilitates a sharper, clearer observation. It doesn’t last; if you think it does, then you need to observe that thought too.Jeffrey Werbock

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