How do you maintain focus everyday?

Posted on September 18, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Humans fall ill, can grow tired, and can be distracted easily.

The best trick to maintain focus everyday is to realise that it is impossible to it every single day.

So what to do? Here’s my suggestion-

  1. Have your OFF days. Realise that every day is not Sunday.
  2. Feel no sense of guilt if once in a while, you are unable to focus. It is very natural, and can happen due to fatigue, over-exertion or distractions.
  3. Keep the macro goal in perspective.
  4. Break up the macro goal into smaller micro ones, and be easy with them. Do not overdo the focus thing.
  5. The biggest and most disciplined of armies can have their bad days, and when they need to just calm down. Put yourself in those shoes to think.
  6. Think of the slingshot – to take a shot, you may have to move back a bit every now and then.
  7. Keep reinforcing your macro goal daily without fail, even if you are OFF.
  8. Keep talking to yourself. Keep making fun of yourself when you fail in some micro goal. It’ll help you handle failure and avoid shattering completely.

I feel it is perfectly alright to be very ambitious, but humanly impossible to be on peak efficiency EVERY DAY. So instead of worrying about this EVERY DAY, change your focus to EVERY MACRO GOAL. You’d be very happy!

All the best! – Sandeep ManudhaneNatural memory enhancer