How does education shape an individual’s personality?

Posted on August 8, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Education plays a significant role to society by solving its problem including inequality and disparity. Through education one can acquire knowledge and change their economic and social status. Enhancing education status an individual can acquire power and participate in the process of empowerment. This is very explicit in female literacy and initiative taken for women empowerment. Similarly, regional development is very much dependent on education, health and economic status of any region. It is major aspect of development of any society and most significant indicator of overall development of any region. Education gives us knowledge which is power. Today, education is one important criterion to judge the level of development of any individual and society. It is a worldwide accepted fact and one can see in World Development Report, Human Development Report, and Social Development Report.

Education of any society has direct correlation with its socio-cultural factors. The process of education evolved in its social structure, social norms and values system. School is one such creation of human society to transfer the existing cultural content from one generation to next.

The nature of state, political parties, its ideology and policy directs the nature of education system and its policy in society. Socialist states claim for common education system but inculcate their own political ideology rather secular education. In 1933 under Nazi German education system schools were designed to mould children to get them unquestioningly accept Nazi doctrines.

Similarly, USSR after 917, used education to continue their communist agenda and educational institutions became the place of political socialization rather ‘search of truth’.

Hence education has played always a very important role in shaping the society. –Poonam YadavNatural memory enhancer