How early should you start revising for your public exams?

Posted on November 24, 2015 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal


Well it depends a bit on how you revise, i know lots of my friends like to do half an hour everyday a month or so before an exam, or say 2 hours in the weeks leading up to it. For me, I like to dedicate a whole day to a subject if possible and so learning all the material tends to take 3 or 4 days (maybe less for SPM can’t really remember) which i’d slot in a week or so before the exam. Then the days leading up to the exam review notes, test yourself.

However, that’s just learning the material which you’ll probably want to be arranged into notes/revision cards/mind maps before which you should do as early as possible. It’s a bit late for this year but it’s best if you can do this as you learn new material or whenever you finish a topic. A bad mistake i think lots of people make is making notes and calling in “revision”. At SPM it’s not so bad because making the material does check you understand but you also need to allow plenty of time to actually absorb it as well. It’s annoying that the most time consuming part (preparing material) is not actually the most useful bit.

The other thing to remember it that you might be able to cram lots of stuff in a few days and be fine but guaranteed you’ll be really nervous on the day, and it might be that the stress will make you forget lots of stuff. The earlier you start revising the more cemented it is in your brain and hopefully you’l be more confident in the exam = better results.

Good Luck with revision. Just remember that everyone hates revision but there’s noway round it.Natural memory enhancer