How to Dress for any Occasion

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There are so many outfits to choose from that one may not be exactly sure what is appropriate to wear for any occasion. What a person wears gives an impression of who he or she is, and it is important to know what to wear for any occasion as to leave a good impression. This guide will give tips for how to find something to wear and the different attire that is appropriate for various occasions to help the buyer find the perfect outfit no matter where he or she is going.

Tips for Finding Something to Wear

Finding something to wear is always a challenge, but here are some tips to make the process go a little more smoothly.

  1. First, it is always important to know the type of event one is going to. This way, the wearer will know exactly what the expectations may be, and won’t show up wearing something like blue jeans and a t-shirt while everyone else is wearing a dress.
  2. Be sure to know the season. This may be common sense, but knowing the time of the day of the event and the weather, especially if it is outside, will help determine what one should wear. For example, outdoor weddings require summer dresses whereas indoor weddings require formal gowns.
  3. Look through the closet and try on different outfits and dresses to see if there is something to wear for the occasion.
  4. If there is nothing in the closet, it is time to shop for something elsewhere. Ask a friend to help pick the right thing to wear for the occasion.
  5. Be sure to buy or find matching shoes and accessories to go with an outfit. Accessories and shoes add to the overall appearance of the outfit.

Once one knows what the occasion is, it is time to start researching just what is typically worn to that occasion. The following information will guide the buyer through the various occasions and what to wear.

What to Wear for Various Occasions

Finding an outfit to wear greatly depends on the occasion. From a casual day with friends and running errands to a first date, the following various occasions will guide the buyer in what is considered appropriate or acceptable for each occasion making it easier to pick the perfect outfit.

Place of Religious Worship

When one is going to a place of worship for some kind of celebration or occasion, it is important to always wear a skirt that is below the knee,cardigans, or nice khakis, and be sure that no shoulder or back is visible. Low cut or clingy can be offending to some and should be avoided. However, if it is a celebration, it is important not to wear anything that is too serious.

A Baptism

For a baptism, one should wear a little bit of color. Maybe wear a colorful suit or a dress.

Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah

For a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, the attire greatly depends on the party that usually follows the service as one will wear the same thing to both. For this type of party, a cocktail dress would work well with a shawl or a jacket to cover it with at the religious building. If there is a break between the service and the party, one can wear a suit to the service and change into something dressier to the party.

Pool Party

A pool party may seem like a common sense swimsuit and cover up; however, there are some suits that work better with different body types.

Triangle Shape

A triangle shaped person will have wider hips than shoulders. With this kind of body shape, one will want to wear a suit that consists ofsolids on the bottom and textures or patterns on the top to give the body an hourglass look.

Upside Down Triangle Shape

An upside down triangle shaped person will have wider, broader shoulders and a slimmer waist. To achieve an hourglass look, one will want to do the opposite of a triangle and wear a suit that consists of solids on the top and patterns or texture on the bottom.

Square Shape

A square shaped person will have the same width shoulders as waste with no prominence on either one. To achieve that hourglass look, one will want to accentuate the busts and the hips with suits that have bows, ties, and patterns.

Be sure the suit is well-fitting and comfortable. Wearing jean shorts that are not hidden under a top, a sundress, or casual day outfit are acceptable cover ups for a pool party. Accessorizing really adds to the beach look. Wear floppy hats, ornate flip flops, chunky necklaces that dangle, and sunglasses to give a full beach look.


When going to a wedding party, it is important that the attendee find out how dressy the party will be. Black is a suitable color for a nighttime wedding, but it is never acceptable to wear white, as that color is just for the bride.

Night on the Town

Finding something to wear for a night out on the town is as simple as one, two, three. Simply pick one body part to accentuate. For example, if one wears a backless shirt, she should wear a longer skirt such as a pencil skirt or A-lineskirt. Another option would be to wear a pair of dark tight fitting jeans and some heels. If one is wearing a short skirt, wear a blouse that covers more.

A Job Interview

An interview is probably one of the most important days in someone’s life and one wants to make the best first impression possible. In most traditional companies, a suit is the standard attire for an interview. When going to an interview, one can never go wrong with a suit; however, in many fields it is not absolutely necessary. There are a few appropriate alternatives to a suit that one can choose. In a creative field like artistic design, a sheath¬†dress with a wide belt and a cardigan, or a pencil skirt with a blouse and cropped jacket will show that the person has a sense of style.

When one is in doubt as to what is acceptable, it is perfectly acceptable to call the HR executive and find out what is appropriate. This shows respect for the company and interest in the job. In any case, clothing should be pristine, ironed, and tailored and never skimpy or tight.

Business Meeting

Business meetings can sometimes make or break a promotion or deal with another company. That being said, one must look professional and collective while being trendy at the same time. A crisp white blouse with a pair of charcoal dress pants or skirt with a well-fitted blazer are appropriate for this kind of occasion. Pairing this outfit with low-heeled pumps and minimal jewelry adds a nice chic look to the attire.

Meeting the Parents

You don’t need to dress like a school librarian to make a good impression, but you don’t want to shock his family with too much cleavage or sky-high heels and a barely-there miniskirt, either. Dark denim with a white shirt, cardigan, and ballet flats give a simple yet pulled together look. Depending on the weather, you also could opt for a simple dress in a pretty pattern, again paired with ballet flats and a cardigan.

First Date

A first date can be rather tricky. It is important to look great without looking like one is trying too hard. The rule of thumb for a first date is “Be yourself.” One should always be who he or she really is. If one is a dressy kind of girl, then a casual dress will do. Typically, a nice pair of dark,skinny jeans, a slouchy sweater or shirt, and a pair of boots makes a casual yet trendy look.

Going to the Theater, the Ballet, or the Opera

Back in the day, going to a theatre, ballet, or opera meant putting on the best of the best including ball gowns and gloves; however, it is not that way anymore and if one dresses like that, he or she will probably be overdressed for the occasion. There are many people who will just wear jeans and t-shirt, but when one has paid a great deal for a classy night out, it is acceptable to dress up. When it comes to the opera, ballet, or theatre, people should dress like they would for a cocktail party or a black tie occasion. Just don’t show up in a ball gown unless it’s to attend a special gala or fundraising event.

Adding Makeup and Accessorizing

When dressing for any occasion, putting on makeup and accessorizing adds to the look, but it is important not to overdo it. When it comes to accessories, one wants them to accentuate the outfit without drawing all the attention to them. Makeup should enhance the face not draw attention to it. When wearing makeup, it is important that one part of the face be accentuated. For example, bright red lips should be paired with subtle eye shadow and eyeliner which only accentuates the lips. However, if accentuating the eyes with dramatic smokey eye shadow and eyeliner, it should be paired with sheer gloss or subtle lip color as to not overdo it with makeup.


Wherever you go and whatever you do, there is a style for you. Trying on different outfits and searching through your closet is a great way to find a hidden jewel. When it comes to different occasions, there is an outfit that is appropriate for each one. It is important that you really know what the occasion is and how to dress for it to avoid wearing something that is completely inappropriate.

For every occasion, you can find something that fits your personality, looks trendy, and fits the occasion. Finding just what you need for any occasion is easy when you know what to wear and where to find it. -fbNatural memory enhancer