How To Study For A Test Without Being Stressed Or Anxious

Posted on August 12, 2012 · Posted in How to Study

Preparing for a test is important, because besides this, it`s crucially important to know how to study for a test without being stressed or anxious and taking a high mark as well. It rarely happens to us to go through situations and experiences in which the sentiment of anxiety is very oppressive. Remember the day when you had to present a work in the front of the class, and there, in front of the class, all eyes were on you, the teacher also deeply controlled you from your head to your toes, so he could evaluate you.

Probably, in those moments you had the following symptoms: your whole body and voice trembled, your mouth got dry, you had feelings of nausea, you got sweat, you felt that you can`t breathe normally etc.

What has happened? You suffered an anxiety!

“Positive” anxiety

Can anxiety be positive? Yes, because it will prepare the body for the actions that will take place, and we can admit that due to anxiety, we react. This is the reason why you have to know how to prepare for a test without anxiety.

In the moment when the exam is coming, the level of anxiety will increase and then, your concentration will also increase, and you will obtain to learn faster. Of course, this level can also decrease, when you are examined. This time, the anxiety level will increase and will exceed the normal level, and will have a blocking effect in our presentation, on what we learned, but we however know.

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Negative Anxiety, When Everything Turns Into Being Frustrating

Another problem that appears due to the lack of control on the anxiety level from our body transforms into situations in which the help of a specialist is needed. These statuses are the panic attacks, stress and general anxiety.

What Can We Do Against Anxiety?

  • Before study issues we have to resolve the problems of other nature: you have to disconnect from studying, to place this on the second place, to concentrate on your personal problems and only then studying again.
  • Motivational strengthening of our career.
  • Searching for another point of support for the personal safety and a better personal appraisal.
  • Relaxing.
  • Proper sleep and according alimentation.

Advises On How To Study For Exam

  1. If you`re starting to learn earlier, you`ll have more time to prepare for your exams. Don`t wait until the last moment, when the exam is close, just try to run through the material at the end of the day. Starting to learn earlier you`ll have more chances to retain the information, thus it will be easier to organize these.
  2. Some students learn very well, but the fear of exams attracts their attention and they aren`t capable to assimilate the information any more. So, let the fear away and clear your mind before starting to study. You have to be confident; this is an essential fact in obtaining your objectives.
  3. Make a table before starting to learn, because you need to include all the material and the time needed for these to learn all. You`ll need more time for the harder subjects than for the easy materials. However, don`t forget to take a break between each subject.
  4. Choose a propitious atmosphere for learning. Choose a place where you feel comfortable and where nothing can`t attract your attention from studying. The best moment of the day for learning is the morning, when there`s more silence and thus, you can concentrate easier.
  5. The position of the body also makes a great importance while studying. So, don`t learn in your bed or sitting on your chair, you need to have your back straight. Try to hold your feet parallel with the ground. Staying with your feet bonded to the ground can cause ionization that can easily lead to sleepiness.
  6. While you`re learning, takes some notes, so you can remember all the revising points (formulas, definitions etc.).
  7. You need to rest, especially on the night before your exam; this fact will have a great effect upon your exam. Drink a glass a water before going to sleep; this is essential because it makes the concentrating power even better.

If you respect these tips, it means that you know how to study for a test. Good luck!Natural memory enhancer