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Health is the sound state of the body as well as the mind. A healthy man enjoys the soundness of mind as well as soundness of body. Health does not mean strong body only. A man, having a strong body without a happy mind is not healthy. We need to grow up physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and morally. But to achieve all this things body needs soundness at first. Ill body cannot be the above of other good qualities. Life without good health is boring and unbearable. So a healthy body is badly needed and more importance should be given on the soundness of body.

We all long for a sound life. For this purpose, a man must be a possessor of a sound health. But if he fails to have a sound mind, he is supposed to be happy.

Human body is a great creation of almighty Allah. But everybody is not awarded with a sound health always. If one has a sound health, he needs proper nourishment of his health. When a man’s body is decadent he would not enjoy a sound lifestyle.

Human mind is an abstract idea. Concrete definition of it has not given yet. But research after research is going on. Whatever our mind is, it is an indispensable part of us. Our existence can’t be thought without it. Besides its sound condition is a prerequisite for our sound life.

Our body is great asset. It requires proper care irrespective of ages. But we always can’t do so. Then it gets into various difficulties and fell victim of many diseases and we feel our life very unhappy. Because if the soundness of our body is disturbed we have no way to have our body. We should remain careful enough to observe and practice certain rules of health and sanitation to keep us fit. We must know and follow the rules of health and make other people learn-them, we should be particular in talking diet, rest and exercise. This we are likely to acquire a peaceful life.

One’s mind means ones inner self. It is apparent that our mind is always with us. It requires a peaceful state. But our mind is severely tossed sometimes. In our modern life we have got a lot of psychological crises and our mind is victim of these crises. Thus we punish our mind relentlessly. Problems of various types and of various dimensions are always with us which invade the soundness of our mind. It makes us tensed and dejected. We lost the peace of our mind and feel very unhappy and helpless.

Actually we need both a sound body and a sound mind for leading a peaceful life. If one of these two is out of order then we lose our happiness and fell life troublesome and complex. So the soundness of both the body and the mind is a must for a healthy life style.   – hubpaper.hubpages.comNatural memory enhancer