How to Improve Spoken English

Posted on November 25, 2013 · Posted in How to Study
How to Improve Spoken English

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English is a second language for many, and all English learners aim at speaking English fluently. Speaking correct English improves your chances of a more successful career. Let us understand exactlywhat fluent English is. Speaking English fluently means that you are able to express yourself without having to stop to think. This means that you can freely express yourself without thinking too much about what you are saying. We all know how important communication skills are to be able to communicate your ideas and views effectively and clearly. For this to be possible, it is important to find out how to improve spoken English.

Those who haven’t grown up in an English-speaking environment will need to work a little on their spoken English skills. If you want to know how to improve spoken English, you will first need to know where you fall short. Knowing your mistakes is extremely important. Figure out your areas of weakness.

Common issues:

  • Lack of confidence:  some people are unable to handle being the center of attention. Such people are unable to stay calm while speaking in English and end up making mistakes.
  • Image: most people fear that their image willbe damaged if they are unable to speak fluently. As a result, they end up remaining silent and saying nothing at all. This, in turn, further damages their image.
  • Inability to express thoughts: often, people clearly know what they want to say but are unable to express themselves due to lack of fluency in English. They cannot put their thoughts into words.
  • Lack of preparation: unexpected conversations and lack of preparation leave most people unable to respond and take part.

How to improve spoken English?

Here is a collection of tips or suggestions that will definitely help you in improving your spoken English:

  • Get comfortable:  the first rule is to get comfortable with the language. This can be done by reading in English. Give at least 20 minutes each day to reading in English. Newspapers, magazines, books, novels or poems; read whatever you can in English.
  • Focus on written English: you must work at improving your writing skills. This will help improve your vocabulary, which, in turn, improves your spoken English. You must make it a habit to carry a dictionary with you.This also helps improve vocabulary. Look in the dictionary every time you come across a new word.
  • Speak in English: it is best to shed all inhibitions and start speaking in English as much as possible. Speak to people who will be able to respond to you in English and allow them to correct you.
  • Accent is equally important: keep your ears open and try to absorb the English language so that you can use it yourself. Listen to the English news and radio programs. The BBC is best for a British accent while CNN is best for an American accent.
  • Listen to yourself: the best way is to stand in front of the mirror and talk. This way you will be able to listen to yourself and correct any errors. Another way is to record yourself and listen. Try to pinpoint your mistakes and work on them.
  • The one new word/day rule: make it a rule to learn one new word per day. Avoid repetition of words. Try to increase your vocabulary. Once you have memorized the word try to use it in your conversations to make it part of your active vocabulary.
  • Ask for help:don’t shy away from asking for help. Also, it is alright to make mistakes. How will anyone be able to correct you if you don’t make mistakes, and how will you be able to improve?
  • Audio books: different types of audio books are available on the market. Listening to these audio books or watching good quality English movies can improve your spoken English. You can also ask someone with proficient English to read aloud to you. Concentrate not only on what you hear but also on how their lips move. This will help improve pronunciation.

You cannot become fluent in English overnight. It requires a little effort and time but gradually your spoken English will improve. Once you are able to improve your spoken English, your confidence level will automatically increase.Natural memory enhancer