Is being a very polite, kind, nice, respectful, humble, caring man a curse and foolishness in this modern times?

Posted on September 9, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

The answer is yes and no, as you may have assumed that there is no black and white answer here. Still one line answer would be it is not a curse of foolishness as long as you maintain a balance and not sacrifice your own well being for the sake of being nice

Polite: Be polite but there is no need to be polite in every situation. Be polite to those who deserve.When the time comes, learn to say NO! However, that doesn’t mean you should behave rudely. Being extra polite is sometimes seen as weakness (talking from my own experience)

Kind: Again be kind to those who deserve and not to those who take advantage of kindness

Nice: Being nice doesn’t hurt anyone does it? Being a douche won’t automatically get you anywhere, if you are nice to others chances are they will be nice to you too

Respectful: This is one thing that you should always remain. Everyone got something to be respectful towards them, find that and respect people. Respecting people doesn’t take money and will help you learn something from everyone

Humble: I lost my calm sometimes and said some nasty things and trust me, those are the things I regret the most. Always try to stay humble no matter what. Words can hurt more than anything if used correctly. Trust me on this. One moment of losing calm and not being humble may leave you in regrets for rest of your life

Caring man: This is something we probably should stop doing, caring for everyone is fine but subconsciously we may develop expectation that those whom we care the most would care for us in similar way. This expectation is wrong and if you can be caring without any expectation it wont hurt you but otherwise get ready to get broken sooner or later .

instead of being caring person towards everyone be caring to selected few ( like your parents or your loved one who wont stop caring for you even if you don’t ). But finding those type of person are really hard. – Anindya Guha Munshi

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