Is eating burgers every day good or bad for health?

Posted on October 1, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Eating food everyday is pretty awesome for continued health. The choices of the food you eat everyday determines where health settles. So there isn’t an option of good or bad in eating something versus nothing.

Come on, you wouldn’t be asking this question if you weren’t already questioning whether eating a burger every day … and I’m interpreting your burger choice as a fast food burger from the many options out there … was a wise option. Personally I would find the repetition of fast food burgers each day quickly old and unappealing, but I don’t have an issue with the variety of burgers possible as mentioned by another response to this question. Our world abounds in a crazy expanse of foodie options.

If you are truly limited to a fast food meal, say for lunch due to time constrictions of a job (or two), then broaden your choices. Look for a bigger portion of greens/veggies, less meat (don’t Supersize), and lean the beverage. Water, tea or coffee is a good thing versus the sugar hit of a soda or shake. Look to local grocery or ethnic markets for cups of soup or sub sandwiches or ethnic delights (tacos, falafel, pasty pies … depends on the community where you are); these choices are equal if not less than a fast food meal in cost, with often a lower hit in saturated fats. Crank up the taste adventure.

If you have time for cooking your own, then by all means look to sampling different recipes for bean or turkey burgers and save some moola outlay. I make nearly all the burgers we eat in our home, ranging from beef to turkey to black-eyed peas. Again, there is wonderland of recipe potential online …exploration will rev up interest in playing with foodie experimentation.

Taste is the sense that brings pleasure in eating. Don’t tie it to the mundane repetition of the easy purchase. Cooking your own or appreciating variety brightens the anticipation of a new day. – Ruth Marie Hofmann

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