Is mutton healthy?

Posted on December 2, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

When it comes to arguing whether mutton is healthy or not, then no doubt it can be easily said to be one of the healthiest and nutritious sources of food available. Mutton is very rich in nutrients. The amount of saturated fat in mutton is less than the unsaturated one, which decreases inflammation and stabilizes heart rhythms, mutton reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, it contains Vitamin-B which helps in burning fat and high amount of other proteins and nutrients.

And the health part is not the only reason why mutton is such a popular meat item, it’s taste plays an important role too. Mutton tastes the best among all the non-veg items. This is the reason why so many dishes are cooked using Mutton and why it’s the price is so high.

But one thing that comes as a concern is the quality with which the mutton meat is processed, most of the times the local butcher’s shop don’t pay much attention to the hygiene and handling process of mutton, which is a very important thing to consider as consumption of ill-processed meat can have harmful consequences.

So, it’s important you buy mutton from a good seller only, if you’ve any such butcher shop near you then well and good.Naman Gujjar

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