Is taking part in competitive sports good for your mental health?

Posted on August 13, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

I would say of course, with the caveat that one has to either want to participate or at least be open to the idea of enjoying participation. Not only are the health benefits of the combination of functional strength, distance cardio, and interval training (which is essentially what most team sports like hockey, basketball, soccer, etc) incredibly difficult to recreate in the gym and do so for such long periods of time without getting bored. Beyond the obvious physical benefits though, they help tremendously mentally with regards to team work and building, dealing with loss, problem solving, quick thinking,  and so forth.

Further more, exercise, esprit d’corps, mastering skills, and such are all good for stimulating development. Having a goal, preparing physically and mentally for it, testing your preparation, and enjoying your success or learning to cope with disappointment are useful again and again in life to foster a healthy psyche and good outcomes. – mkNatural memory enhancer