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It is important to get started with the task you want to perform in order to fight laziness effectively. An effective trick that helps you to do so is to start with the simple things first. Doing so will help you to break your inner resistance.

Breaking down tasks into smaller tasks helps us to reduce the pressure of deadlines and will keep us motivated to perform these tasks one after the other in a relaxed manner. Once you have completed one sub-task you can tell yourself that you are on a roll and that you will soon have finished the next sub-tasks as well.

Make a to-do list.

Sometimes we find ourselves in chaotic situations with a pile of work. It is really difficult not to lose track of all the work that needs to be done. A to-do list can help us in these situations to regain the overview, but even more importantly: it allows us to realize that it often looks like more work than it actually is. When you create your to-do list make sure to arrange the tasks from the easiest one to the more difficult ones, which helps you to start with the simple things first.

Visualize the benefits of a task/activity.

Every time you feel lazy or lack the motivation to perform a task, you should visualize for some seconds how it would feel to just start the work that needs to be done in a very enthusiastic way. You should visualize the benefits that you could receive once you have accomplished a given task, which helps you to become energized and motivated again. Furthermore, it helps to beat the inner resistance that was hindering you to get involved with your tasks.

Remove distractions.

You would have noticed that distractions were often the source for your laziness and the sole reason for you to become lazy from one moment to the other. You would have realized that you were attracted by the distractions (TV, the internet, etc.) as your primary task that you should have done seemed boring. Whatever it is that distracts you, remove it! Make sure that once you have started with one of your tasks you will not get distracted from it by any means. All these distractions might seem tempting but they make it more difficult for you to get back to your work.

Reward yourself.

Every time you managed to overcome laziness and successfully accomplished a task you should reward yourself, as this will help you to associate positive feelings about making efforts to get things done. Just make sure to adapt the reward to the efforts you made.

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