Learn English The Fast Way!

Posted on November 29, 2013 · Posted in How to Study

Learn English The Fast Way!

Essentially, learning can be a painful process. You take a few stumbles here and there, make a whole lot of mistakes, take your time to learn from those mistakes, ask for help from people that know more than you and so on and so forth. Learning a language that is not your native tongue is not easy. This is because not only must you learn how to speak it, but you need to learn how to write it and read it as well.

Thus, to learn how to speak, write, and read English takes a while. It may cost money as well, as some find it very helpful attend classes. However, learning a language that is not your native tongue is not as hard as it seems. In fact, a few shortcuts can and will make the process a whole lot easier.

Exactly how you do this, however, is knowledge that eludes most people. Fortunately, this article will help you in that regard.

Read, write, speak

Most people say that learning how to speak English is more important than learning how to write and read it, because one will eventually learn how to do the other things once you learn to speak English. However, that is not true. A person who cannot read English properly will go through a very painful process of making mistakes over and over again.

Aside from reading, listening is a very important thing that many people neglect. Listening to all sorts of audible and understandable English audios can help make the learning process easier and also speed it up. You can find plenty available online, most of which come for free.

By listening and reading, the vocabulary widens to the point that it is much easier to write and speak English.

Do not focus on grammar

Speaking a language that is not your native tongue can be difficult. To learn to speak and write it the right way is even harder. All the intricacies involved in grammar make the learning process onerous and lengthy. However, you can skip all of that. This is not to say that focusing on grammar is not important, but in order to learn proper English, grammar can take a back seat.
It is best to learn grammar through practice, not theory, and through using your initiative. Listening, rather than reading about proper grammar, is much better, as you will not only find out about the correct structure of sentences and use of words, but also about the right pronunciation.

Frequent exposure to audio materials and even to people that speak English is the best way to learn English subconsciously. This helps the learning process ease its way into the mindset without it being boring and monotonous.

Be Patient

The best way to learn is to be patient. Yes, you want to learn fast. You want to learn in a week or two. You’re going to a country in a few weeks’ time where they speak English as their main language and you only know a few phrases, most of which you have a hard time saying on your own, let alone when talking to someone.

It is therefore best to cut yourself some slack, relax, and be patient. By taking things slowly, you get to listen to more audio materials and learn from them in a better way. If you go through the process slowly, you learn the material thoroughly and it sinks in, decreasing the chances of it leaving your short-term memory.

Once you’ve done all of the repeating necessary, and listened to plenty of audio books or materials, it is best that you apply what you have learned. If there are only a few people that you can talk to in your area you can make use of the internet and chat with people online. Frequent exposure to native speakers of English will help you ease what you’ve learned into a more conversational tone and manner, making it easier for you to talk to people using English as a medium.

Yes, English is a hard language to learn. However, if you are willing and if you’ve read enough, the shortcuts detailed above will help you learn better and more effectively.

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