Malay Wedding Gift (Hantaran)

Posted on December 18, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

In Malaysia, the Malays practice the exchange of Wedding Gifts (in Malay language known as “Hantaran”) as a part of the Malay wedding culture. This is necessary in the engagement and wedding ceremony between the party of bride and groom. Most often the exchange of “Hantaran” is initiated by the Groom and is presented to the Bride’s house. Then the bride will present the respective wedding gifts to the Groom side.

Often enough the value of wedding gifts is not fixed though depends on the budget agreed between the families from both parties. On top of that, the quantity of items should be in odd numbers (3, 5, 7, 9…). In return, the bride needs to prepare 2 additional items on top of what the family received from the groom’s side. This is a traditional practice that has been passed down since generations. There are handful of common wedding gifts used in exchange, for example jewelries, Al-Quran, Prayer mat, Make-up set, perfumes, cakes and muffins etc. Refer to the table below for better understanding on Malay Wedding Gifts.

For the Bride For the Groom
“Tepak sirih” “Tepak sirih”
Bride Price Shirt/Pants (with Tie)
Ring/Bracelet/jewelry “Sarong”
“Baju Kurung” Wallet and Belt
Al-Quran (or tafsir) Shoe
Prayer Mat Al-Quran (or Tafsir)
Chocolate/Sweets Prayer Mat
“Potpouri/Bunga Rampai” “Potpouri/Bunga Rampai”
Watch Watch
Shoe Perfume
Handbag Towel
Perfume Fruits
Towel Cake
Make-up set Muffin atau biscuits
Muffin atau biscuits Chocolate/Sweets

However the practice held less importance as the generation proceeds to the new age. Today, the amount of hantaran can be the same from both parties. Items for wedding gifts became so much modernized with plentiful of choices than before. What is important is both parties need to meet consensus and with their whole heart during the ceremony. Wedding gifts today are well decorated in various unique designs to be presented during the wedding ceremony. – fahleanfloral.comNatural memory enhancer