Medan Ikan Bakar stall at Kuala Perlis serves the famous Ikan Bakar

Posted on April 5, 2020 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Thai style steam fish

As the smallest state in Malaysia, Perlis is located at the far northern part of Peninsular Malaysia sharing the border with Thailand. The capital of Perlis is Kangar. Many tourists will stop by Perlis for a short visit before heading to Pulau Langkawi. Although it is a small state, there are a lot of attractions for sight-seeing with beautiful sceneries and not to forget some great food worth trying.

Medan Ikan Bakar

Medan Ikan Bakar is a stall located at Kuala Perlis. Like its name, it serves the famous Ikan Bakar. It is marinated barbequed fish over charcoal. It is truly scrumptious and great to eat with lime sprinkled atop and later dip in the special chili sauce. There are side dishes like the fried squids with sweet chili sauce, stir-fried greens, steamed clams with ginger, boiled cockles, fried eggs with chilies and onions, Tom Yam soup with the choice of mixed seafood or chicken and another great dish is the sambal petai with prawns. – holidaygogogo.comNatural memory enhancer