Memo Plus Gold as a Comprehensive Health Tonic

Posted on July 28, 2012 ยท Posted in Memo Plus Gold

By Raviraj

The mental performance of children as well as adults can be improved by using the natural herb Brahmi. The unique extract of Brahmi, Memo Plus Gold has been developed by the Central Drug Research Institute of India and has been patented in several countries. Memo Plus Gold is the trade name assigned for this product in West Asia and in some other parts of the globe.

The Latin equivalent of Brahmi is BacopaMonnieri and has been widely used by ancient sages in India through the Ayurvedic system of medicine. Brahmi helps in improving mental performance and reducing stress. The anti oxidant properties of Brahmi helps in stimulating the functions of the brain cells. The ancient sages in India identified the remarkable ability of Brahmi to penetrate easily into the tissues and provide a soothing effect to enhance learning ability and intelligence level thereby promoting an alert mind.

The CDRI research has further helped in providing a unique and enhanced extract from this wonderful herb. Memo Plus Gold represents the patented version of this extract and is beneficial in improving memory and addressing a host of other metabolic disorders in the human body. A major advantage that flows to users of Memo Gold Plus is that it comes with very nearly zero side effects unlike the chemical based modern medicine. Apart from being an excellent memory enhancer, Memo Plus Gold has the ability to pep up your general health by addressing several issues related to the nervous system itself. Brahmi has been established to be effective in treating issues like epilepsy, insomnia, convulsions, depression and stress. The soothing effect of Brahmi on the nervous system brings about a fresh feel and a rejuvenated mind.

Stimulating the heart function and controlling blood pressure is another beneficial effect of Memo Plus Gold – the unique Brahmi extract. The hypotensive agent in Brahmi helps in maintaining blood pressure at normal levels and promoting ideal body temperature. In turn this will keep the individual away from ailments like fevers and hyperthermia. Brahmi has excellent detoxifying properties which help in increasing sweat, cleansing the sweat pores, and aiding optimal functioning of the sweat glands. Patients suffering from Asthma or regular bouts of cough and cold have also experienced significant relief with consistent use of Memo Plus Gold.

Thus, apart from being an excellent memory enhancer, Memo Plus Gold doubles up as a comprehensive health tonic capable of addressing multiple health issues ushering in a healthier and peaceful life.Natural memory enhancer