Milo Tonggeng drink for breakfast

Posted on April 2, 2020 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Kedai Kopi Pok Loh Milo Tonggeng

This humble stall pulls in a big breakfast crowd, serving local favourites such as Nasi Dagang Ikan, Himpit Satay, Nasi Ayam Gulai, Nasi Kerabu Ayam Bakar at prices as low as RM 1.00 a packet. There weren’t that many seats, therefore the easy way to do this is to choose the food, order drinks and sit at the island area which faces the counter activity. Food served in packets are normal here in Kota Bharu, Kelantan and it makes for convenient eating experience for both customers and sellers. Once you’re done, you can chuck the paper wrap into the dustbin, pass the used utensils and glasses to the stall owners, and be on your way.

But before you do that, don’t forget to order the main attraction from this stall which is the Milo Tonggeng drink. Watch them prepare this special drink as the Milo is knocked directly from the tin, giving it a powdery chocolate top. I love that it’s ‘kau’ (thick) and crunchy in taste. This is definitely the OG of Milo Dinosaurs everywhere.

Address: 110, Jalan Dusun 2, Kampung Dusun, 15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Opening Hours: 6:30 am – 4:00 pm, closes on Friday

Milo Tonggeng stall with the morning breakfast crowd
This humble stall serves powdery Milo Tonggeng for the crowd.


Breakfast of Nasi Gulai Ayam and Milo Tonggeng drink
Eating a pack of Nasi Gulai Ayam and Milo Tonggeng (in the background)?] Famili ZNZN [?]: 2nd Trip To Kelantan | Sarapan Pagi @ WARUNG ...

Breakfast at Pokloh Milo Tunggeng… with milo tunggeng…look at the milo tin being ‘tunggeng’ to fill 3/4 of the cup…just plain milo no sugar and creamer…enough to sweetened your throat…hehehe…

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