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When your unconscious mind aligns with your goals, you are unstoppable. It becomes infinitely easier to achieve whatever you want. You automatically build a mindset to meet every goal and any challenge with confidence, courage, and unyielding strength. It helps you develop an indomitable mindset of personal power and expectation so miracles become normal and achieving your dreams becomes the rule.

What Is a Miracle?

Miracles come in many forms. They are classified into two categories, for ease of understanding:-

  • miracle shifts in your own inner perception (sudden shifts in how you think, how you see yourself and other people, how you perceive your challenges and goals)
  • miracle shifts in your outer circumstances!

The conclusion to a life-changing study for my spiritual and psychological development conducted over 5 years stated that a miracle is simply a shift in our perception from fear to love!

Miracles Are Natural

Miracles naturally occur.

When they do not, something has gone amiss.

When we fall into fear, when we fall into smallness, when we forget who we really are, when we forget the divine power that supports us, then we end up experiencing life in a way that is anything but miraculous.

Any challenges, pain, confusion and difficulty only seem to magnify that situation.

The Way to a Miracle Filled Life

There is nothing you need to add to yourself to become more miracle minded or to experience a more miracle filled life.

Instead of trying to get more and be more and do more, it is about letting go of all the blocks that stop you from being in flow in the first place.

It is about seeing all blocks to the natural loving consciousness you are, and removing those blocks.

When you do, you become aligned to your true nature, and aligned to your divine intelligence (whatever you may call that… Higher Power, Creator, Universe, God or otherwise). From that state, miracles flow.

What Blocks You?

If you want a life filled with more miracle shifts (inside yourself and in your circumstances), then consider what is blocking you from that natural state.

The main culprit is your mind running riot and falling into fearful, loveless thoughts that keep you stuck in a limited reality.

Our beliefs and thoughts can end up leaving us caught like a hamster on a wheel, feeling trapped in our reality, trapped in difficult circumstances, seeing ourselves as far less powerful and divine than we really are.

Life is one big journey to remember who you really are, and to live in that truth. When you do… watch what really happens!

Four Steps to Initiate Miracles

To experience more miracles, it is time to witness and let go of the thoughts and feelings that keep you stuck. When you release those and elevate yourself to a mindset that resonates with your soul and Higher Power, you organically fall into a natural flow.

1. Witness the Disruption

The first step is to notice when you feel stuck and to know this is an experience that you are having, and it is not who you are.

You will know when you are stuck as it will often feel like a contraction inside of yourself – a tightness, a closed down feeling, a trapped feeling, feelings like fear, anxiety, worry and doubt.

These are disruptions to your natural, pure, loving vibration – the pure vibration of the soul you are, the same pure vibration of loving divine intelligence (Higher Power) that gives life to you.

Name the issue that is troubling you – “I feel _____ about ______. This is an experience I am having, it is not who I am”.

2. Surrender & Transmute

Once you have witnessed the issue, surrender it up to loving life force. In keeping with our faiths, spirituality and religion, we all point to the same one loving higher consciousness that created us and supports us.

You do not need to walk your life alone.

You do not need to fix your problems alone.

You do not need to figure out solutions alone.

You do not need to struggle for long periods of time working out how to heal or change or resolve or achieve anything.

You are in partnership with your own soul (spirit/essence) and your Higher Power. So simply surrender up the issue, and allow loving life force to transmute this disruption, returning you to your pure loving vibration.

SAY – “I surrender this feeling of ______ about _______, thank you for transmuting this to love”.

3. Speak the Truth

Use the statement below like a mantra, over and over again, to align yourself with love.

This shifts your mindset, your words and your feelings into alignment with truth. Do not underestimate how powerful this mantra is!

The following words are relevant, as this is a mantra you could use to align yourself with the divine truth…

SAY – “I am not this body, this mind or this situation. I am free. I am still as God created me to be.”

4. Invoke Miracles

You are spirit first, body second.

The world you live in is not just what you see with your eyes!

You are living in a dynamic, miraculous, energetic reality and you are here to live your most beautiful, magical life… experiencing your highest potential.

Sometimes though, we get totally lost in the trudge of daily life, the enormity of the challenges we face, and the intensity of the thoughts and feelings we have as human beings.

We lose sight of the truth.

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