Pay full attention on the road while driving.

Posted on September 30, 2019 ยท Posted in Blog, General, Personal

The conscious mind is unable to handle everything that comes at us when we drive, so driving becomes a subconscious habit. We, basically, all drive in a light state of hypnosis. This way, you’re not required to “think” if someone pulls out in front of you, you’re able to just react and hit the brakes ‘automatically.’

Because we drive (or walk) subconsciously, a person with a wandering and active conscious mind will often do other things. These are the people who text, make calls, daydream, eat, or apply makeup while driving.

The problem comes in two areas:

1. When your other activity takes your subconscious attention – an emotional text, an emotional thought, etc. Then our subconscious isn’t paying attention and neither is our conscious. “Oh, shit!”
2. When some other driver goes astray. The system only works when everybody is doing it the right way. It only takes one drunk moron or one texting driver to screw it up for everybody.

… but you asked “how can I pay attention all the time while driving”… not “why can’t I pay attention.” So, I recommend that you begin the habit of reading street signs aloud, looking for things that are blue, or playing the alphabet game. Avoid things that might distract your subconscious and your conscious attention.Natural memory enhancer