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It is a common goal of nearly everyone to reach their full potential both in their career and in life. We strive each day to do our jobs to the best of our ability, in an efficient and productive manner. In order to do this, you must utilize all of the skills that you have. To perform at your highest ability, you must maximize your personal effectiveness.

Personal effectiveness means something entirely different for everyone based on your career, personal life, and goals. As a general rule, personal effectiveness means to utilize all of your skills, talent, and energy to reach a goal or set of goals in your life. Many hope to improve their own personal effectiveness but are unsure of where to start.

It is hard to be effective if we are not confident. Our confidence grows when we play to our strengths and have a confident attitude. Confidence is not based on the way we are or what happens to us as much as you would think. It is just that we tend to blame circumstances for our failings so we do not see that it is all between the ears. That is, it is not how we are but how we see ourselves that counts.

To build and maintain strong self-confidence, it is important to say positive things to yourself. Whenever you catch yourself strongly criticizing yourself, stop and say some positive things, like recalling your good qualities, things you have achieved, or things you have done for others. Also, watch who you compare yourself to. It is good to have role models but there is no use beating yourself if you cannot be like your favourite rock star or movie star. Pick realistic role models and do not forget to compare yourself with people who are not doing as well as you. Even if you have not achieved much in your life, try to do nice things for others. That makes you a better person and is something to be proud of.

Some people defeat themselves. They feel so bad about themselves that they lash out at everyone around them, which just ensures that they will stay in the hole they are in. The easiest way to raise yourself up is to start doing nice things for other people. In a while, you will start feeling better about yourself and then you can start taking on bigger challenges. You will fail at some things. Everyone does, but use a diary to keep track of everything you achieve, even little things. Review it regularly to celebrate your success. Building self-confidence and personal effectiveness is a gradual process of building on past successes, taking stock of where you are, and moving onto bigger things.

Do not worry if you do not have a long-term goal. Very few people do. The key is to create a foundation of success on which to build. As you achieve more and try new things, continually push yourself outside your comfort zone. Take stock regularly, at least once a month, and ask yourself what you have learned about your abilities and what activities give you the most satisfaction. This stock-taking will then help you to decide what avenues to pursue next.

To become successful, one has to use the resources at their disposal effectively so as to achieve their goals in the shortest time possible and with minimum waste. To get a better understanding of personal effectiveness and how it can be achieved, let us take a look at the traits exhibited by personally effective people.

  1. Personally effective people are highly determined. This allows them to focus on achieving their specific goals without being distracted by spontaneous desires or other less important things. This can be achieved by developing self-discipline.
  2. Self-confidence. This comes about as a result of becoming self-aware, knowing your actions and their consequences, and trusting yourself. It is manifested in appearance, speech, gait, dressing, and physical condition. To develop self-confidence, you will need to get a better understanding of yourself and your capabilities, develop a positive attitude, and believe that by performing the right actions and achieving the right goals you will eventually reach success.
  3. Effective people must believe that there is much to achieve and much good in the world and that it is worth fighting for. It is only by believing that the future can be better, will you step up and take the responsibility for making it so.
  4. Managing stress. Stress can quickly make a once effective person less effective. Managing stress is, therefore, crucial for personal effectiveness.
  5. Many people fail because they are not persistent; they try once and when they fail or meet an obstacle they give up. Highly effective people keep moving forward regardless of the obstacles in their way. If you can overcome obstacles and maintain focus, then any goal can be achieved.
  6. Problem-solving. We can all agree that no matter what you do, regardless of how simple or complex, problems are likely to arise along the way. Being able to solve problems on the fly increases your efficiency when you are chasing after your goals.
  7. Time management. Time management is a person’s ability to plan and control how they spend their time to effectively accomplish their goals. Without proper time management, the achievement of goals would take too long and thus negatively affect personal effectiveness.
  8. They say not planning is planning to fail. Planning should be done for every minute of time you have so as to avoid wastage. Planning brings you calmness, enables you to achieve more, gives you time to rest, and will greatly increase your personal effectiveness.
  9. Otherwise known as thinking outside the box. To be effective you have to be different, think differently and let originality and curiosity into your mind. These traits can be developed by putting yourself in an environment that allows you to think creatively and allows you to come up with new ideas, visions, and solutions. Effectiveness and creativity go hand in hand.
  10. Self-motivation. Effective people are able to find motivation within themselves without relying on outside factors. If you can motivate yourself, then executing goals will be much easier as motivation is what gives you the drive to keep pushing. Understand what motivates you and use it to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Developing personal efficiency is quite a difficult endeavour. It requires commitment and effort but the benefits are worth it. We know that personal success can only come after one has gained personal efficiency.

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