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I always Hope for the best and prepared for the worst in life.I believe in toil, learning new things and in having a high morale that charge you with enthusiasm throughout the day at work. An indolent person never achieves anything worthy in life, such people are not respected or honored by anyone in a corporate world or in a society.
Time is money, Time is opportunity and Time is the Guru.  Make every moment, every day count, this is your moment owe it. If not today than when?                

Be a cool head because a cool mind always takes a balanced decision and helps you to stay in a long run as the leader. A cool mind is considered to be Mysterious and their actions are fickle. A mysterious mind is not an easy-peasy to foretell. Therefore, it protects your plans or secret and there is a less scope of errors in the execution of plan. Always remember only an intelligent cool brains can make you win the race. A Person should be able to sense or foreseen repercussions, negativity and an scope of errors in a business therefore he should be of alacrity and mental alertness is vital at the work.
Friends, I believe everyone is blessed with talents, and it’s only you who can embrace your innate talents. Only dupes believes and wait for the good time to come whereas an intelligent person would not waste his time and his virtuousness would lead him to perch atop and gleam like a diamond.                

Be physically active because you are no fragile, No weapon, is powerful than your brain, Use it for multiplication, guarding and the growth of your wealth. Guys, I always say, one should always have an effective plan to carry out the work unerringly in the management and this could only be done through deliberations which is requisite. You should always have an alternative plans in case one plan doesn’t works out. Shun continue to be callous and lazy, rather be Active not passive, be mentally alert and be a cool head. -Ridhisha RanaNatural memory enhancer