Pisang Goreng

Posted on April 14, 2020 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Pisang Goreng (Goreng Pisang) or deep-fried banana fritters, whichever way you say it, is one of Malaysia’s favourite tea-time snacks. Usually sold at roadside stalls, there are mainly two kinds of batter – Chinese or Malay. Chinese batter is crispy whilst Malay batter makes a crunchier texture. Some customers even ask for extra bits of crunchy fried batter. While both are best eaten hot, the Chinese batter tends to get soggy faster as it cools. A much sought-after banana (but not easily available) the ‘king of bananas’, pisang raja, makes ideal banana fritters. Other popular and easily available bananas are pisang awak, pisang abu, pisang nangka, etc. Whatever banana is used, the keys to a good Pisang Goreng are a ripe banana, a crisp batter and that it must be eaten just fried or while still warm.Natural memory enhancer