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Even after years of research into the biological processes underlying its specific actions, it has remained a mystery and a challenge to mankind. In addition to controlling and coordinating vital life processes, the brain regulates higher level operations such as memory and cognition, the functions that provide us with the capacity to think, reason and act.

However, these mental abilities (think, reason and act etc..) starts diminishing significantly with advancing age and factors such as emotional stress could accelerate these effects even earlier in life. This may gradually worsen to such a point where a person, often in good physical health is unable to perform even simple daily task.

Herb for Memory

Brahmi or Bacopa monniera in Latin, is a creeper plant found along the periphery of marshes and ponds throughout India. This herb Brahmi has been used as a traditional remedy for over 3000 years in India to enhance memory and learning in the Indian system of Ayurvedic medicine.
Memo Plus Gold Memory Booster

As early as 800 B.C, an ancient Indian scripture, Athar-Ved-Samhita, extolled the values of Brahmi in aiding the memorization of Vedic hymns by scholars. From the fifth to twelfth century, the memory boosting herb was used by Buddhist scholars at Nallanda University, the world’s first international university with over 10,000 students a year.

Research on Bacopa monniera used in MEMO PLUS GOLD and the findings of the standardized extract at CDRI
In 1951, the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), now based in Lucknow, India, was inaugurated. Prime Minister at the time, Pandit Jawaharal Nehru, encourage this premier laboratory to research into India’s rich herbal treasures and ancient Ayurvedic texts to develop modern and effective drugs. By 1963, scientists at CDRI had discovered that the activity of Brahmi could be attributed to the molecules (active ingredients), Bacosides A and B, which they found had memory enhancing properties. Between 1986 and 1996, scientists at CDRI shared their findings on Bacosides A and B with the international community at the Scientific International Brain Research Conferences held in various countries around the world. After many years of clinical trials and research, investigators at the CDRI were finally able to produce a standardized Brahmi extract in 1995. This preparation contains optimum concentrations of Bacosides A and B and is intended as a memory enhancing Ayurvedic drug.

How MEMO PLUS GOLD works ?

Research at CDRI has shown that the Brahmi extract rejuvenates and revitalizes damaged or worn-out brain cells, particularly in the brain center known as the “hippocampus” which is concerned with memory and learning. It facilitates memory acquisition, consolidation, retention as well as the recall of learned tasks. Hippocampus is a brain area located just above the ear and it is the area in the brain associated with memory formation.
Regular consumption of an optimum quantity of Bacosides A and B, the active ingredients in MEMO PLUS GOLD improves short-term and long-term memory by increasing protein kinase activity and new protein synthesis specifically in brain cells connected with memory in the hippocampus area. Through these mechanisms Brahmi improves the efficiency of nerves impulse transmission and stimulates neural (pertaining to nerves) activity. This may be helpful in combating stress, improving reflexes and increasing mental capacity.

Brahmi should not be confused with Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica), which lacks Bacosides molecules. A similar herb, Gingko biloba, is commonly used to improve brain function and memory by stimulating circulation, but also lacks Bacosides.

Dr Robert Furchgott and Bacosides A and B extract

Dr Robert Furchgott, a renowned New York pharmacologist who shared the 1998 Nobel prize in physiology of medicine for discovering that Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule in the cardio-vascular system tested the Brahmi extract and found that, this compound appears to release Nitric oxide and causes 75 % relaxation in the aortic rings (main artery to the heart). Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, an agent that causes a widening of the lumen (the space inside of blood vessels).

Studies on Nitric oxide suggests that, it controls a seemingly limitless range of body functions, including blood circulation and regulation of the activities of the brain and as an neuro-transmitter . The presence of Nitric oxide in the brain may help prevent strokes and other cognitive disorders. When MEMO PLUS GOLD is consumed, it releases a small amount of about 200 mcg (micrograms) which helps to reduce anxiety allowing focus and concentration and improves blood circulation.

Clinical Trials on Bacosides A and B

Brahmi or Bacopa monniera extract has been studied in a myriad of clinical trials on its wide-ranging benefits for memory and other cognitive functions such as ADHD in children and AAMI in geriatric cases (elderly) at the:-
Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India.
Wolfson Institute of Biochemical Research, University College, London.
Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria, Australia.
University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia.

In recent study at CDRI of anti-amnesic (anti-memory loss / impairment) agents, scientists concluded that Brahmi extract which is used in MEMO PLUS GOLD is much more potent then other agent listed including Gingko biloba. Other research and trial findings exhibited significant anti-anxiety, anti-depressant and anti-stress properties. Found to have a higher potent adaptogenic effect when compared to Ginseng and the extract is potent as in anti-oxidant as a vitamin E.

How and why does the CDRI Brahmi extract differ from other Brahmi extracts?

Each capsule of MEMO PLUS GOLD contains a standardized and an optimum quantity of the enriched Bacosides A and B extracted from the Brahmi plant. These Bacosides are extracted based on an unique process know-how, developed and patented by the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), a premier medical research institution of the Government of India.

The assay of every batch of the Bacosides used in the manufacture of MEMO PLUS GOLD is quality tested and verified by the CDRI. Only those Bacosides which exceed the minimum quality standards set by the CDRI are permitted to be used in producing MEMO PLUS GOLD.

CDRI has licensed Lumen Marketing Company, Chennai, India (Lumen) to exclusively market the products containing the CDRI approved Bacosides worldwide. In some countries namely Malaysia, it is available only under the brand-name of MEMO PLUS GOLD. No other brand carries the CDRI Brahmi extract in these countries.

However, there are some products in the market claiming to contain Bacosides extracted from the Brahmi plant. These products have relied upon the published human clinical trials conducted by Stough et. al. (2001) at the Swinburne University of Technology, Australia entitled “The chronic effects of an extract of Bacopa monniera (Brahmi) on cognitive function in healthy human subjects” and by Roodenrys et. al. (2002) at University of Wollongong, Australia entitled “The chronic effects of Brahmi (Bacopa monniera) on human memory” to substantiate the efficacy of their products. It has to be pointed out here that both the above studies categorically used the CDRI Brahmi extract.

Why is Bacopa monniera the only active ingredient in MEMO PLUS GOLD?

There is no scientific evidence at all to show that Bacopa monniera when mixed with other uninvestigated medicinal herbs believed to enhance memory will have a positive effect on the human memory. The published study conducted by Nathan P. J. et. al. at the Brain Sciences Institute, Swinburne University, Australia entitled “Effects of a combined extract of Ginkgo biloba and Bacopa monniera on cognitive function in healthy humans (2004)” shows that a combined extract of Ginkgo biloba and Bacopa monniera had no memory enhancing effect on healthy humans. However, the numerous published human and animal studies conducted in various institutions throughout the world on the effect of Bacopa monniera as a single stand-alone herb show positive effect on the cognitive function.

Bacopa monniera vs Centella asiatica?

Two internationally acclaimed Ayurvedic experts, namely Professor K. N. Udupa and Professor R. H. Singh, have scientifically established that Centella asiatica (‘Indian Pennywort’ or ‘Gotu kola’ in English, ‘Pegaga’ in Bahasa Malaysia and ‘Vallarai’ in Tamil) has only one-tenth of the cognitive enhancing effect of Bacopa monniera.

Why is MEMO PLUS GOLD a must for smokers?

There is scientific evidence to show a strong association between cigarette smoking and the alarming increase in the mortality rate from smoking related diseases such as pulmonary diseases, cardio and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer and several others.

The role of free radicals in the pathogenesis of many diseases has been well documented (Church and Pryor, 1985). The free radicals are kept under check by a delicate balance between the rate of their production and the rate of their elimination by our bodily defense systems (Halliwell, 1994). When there is an excessive addition of free radicals, the available tissue defense system becomes overwhelmed resulting in oxidative damage to the tissues. From the available scientific evidence, we can conclude that cigarette smoke exposure enhances oxidative stress.

Cigarette smoking is a heterogeneous aerosol consisting of more than 4,000 compounds including high concentrations of free radicals and reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (Stedman, 1968).

The brain is extremely vulnerable to oxidative stress, in part because it is highly enriched with non-heme iron. An increase in lipid peroxidation has also been reported in various organs including the brain during exposure to cigarette smoke (Baskaran et. al. 1999; Chitra et. al. 2000; Delibas et. al. 2003).

The published study conducted by Ambarasi K et. al. at the University of Madras, India entitled “Effect of bacosides A on brain antioxidant status in cigarette smoke exposed rats (2006)” suggest that bacoside A found in bacopa monniera can be a potent antioxidant in the brain and hence may have useful properties as an natural antioxidant supplement, capable of preventing brain damage caused by oxidative stress.

Benefits of MEMO PLUS GOLDEnhance learning and recall levels, acquisition, consolidation and retention.
Increases alertness, briskness and freshness throughout the day.
Reduces anxiety and stress.
Anti-ageing properties and anti-oxidant actions.
Lack of concentration (very useful during examination in schools).
AAMI in elderly cases and ADHD in children.
Stroke-related cognitive impairment (vascular dementia VaD).
Abnormalities of the brain and is a natural supplement helping to ease other forms of dementia such as Alzheimer disease. It is much more potent and has better mode of action then extracts of Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha), Gingko biloba, Ginseng and Centella asiatica (Gotu kola).

MEMO PLUS GOLD is suitable for people of all walks of life, and is especially excellent for people in the higher category of stress. Or it can be simply taken as an anti-oxidant and a supplement, to relax the mind and body for those suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure).

Dosage: For adults one capsule twice daily after food and for children (7 to 12 years old) one capsule once a day after breakfast. It is advisable to continue consuming MEMO PLUS GOLD for at least 3 months for a significant effect, thereafter maintaining one capsule daily as long as the person wishes to.