Natural Brain Tonic Brahmi – to Boost Your Memory

Posted on July 29, 2012 ยท Posted in Memo Plus Gold

By Raviraj

Memo Plus Gold is a proven natural brain tonic derived from Brahmi, the world renowned herb for improving mental performance and memory.

In the fast paced world that we live in today, we face intense competition in different walks of life. To stay on top of your pursuits, it is essential that we keep our mental abilities well nourished and agile to take this competition head on.

Brahmi is immensely beneficial in toning up the brain cells contributing to improved memory and therefore higher achievements in your chosen field. Memo Plus Gold is a unique extract from Brahmi that has been carefully developed after intense research by CDRI (the Central Drug Research Institute of India). CDRI has patented their product and licensed it to marketers around the world. In most West Asian countries, Memo Plus Gold is the trade name assigned to this product.

The biggest advantage of Brahmi is that it works as a memory supplement as well as a general health tonic pepping up the overallbrahmi ekstract metabolism. The anti oxidant properties of Brahmi significantly helps in preventing various metabolic disorders. The absence of any known side effect is another distinct advantage that Brahmi brings along.

Brahmi can be easily found in several parts of India and other regions around the globe with a warm and damp climate. River beds, wet lands and marshy lands are best suited to grow Brahmi for commercial exploitation.

Brahmi also works as an excellent detoxifying agent by removing the free radicals from the cells that are responsible for senile charges in the human metabolism. Brahmi has also been found to be effective in treating epilepsy which resists most other forms of medication. The soothing effect of Bacopa (Brahmi) on the nervous system ensures that many nervous disorders caused by ‘vata’ (air) according to the principles of Ayurveda are kept under check or eliminated with continuous use of Brahmi extract Memo Plus Gold. The hot properties of Brahmi curbs the effect of vata improves the functioning of the brain cells.

Stress and anxiety is another disorder that afflicts many across age profiles and Brahmi when administered regularly has a salutary effect on controlling anxiety and stress. Plaque formation in the blood vessels is another area where Brahmi is immensely useful. When the plaque is naturally removed from the blood vessels, it promotes free flow of flood resulting in more ideal blood pressure.

Students in particular can derive huge benefits from Memo Plus Gold, the Brahmi extract because Brahmi acts as a muscle relaxant and helps in releasing the toxins responsible for causing anxiety. In adults, Brahmi is helpful in improving mental agility and sharpness of mind necessary for many of the modern day occupations.

More importantly, Memo Plus Gold, the Brahmi extract is a natural herb based medication free from any known side effects. Therefore, this can be safely administered in a number of conditions and is inexpensive too.

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