Reading English newspaper improves our English

Posted on October 30, 2017 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal


Reading English newspaper may help us learn a lot of vocabulary, raise our reading skills such as easy to find the points, or increase reading speed, etc. Another benefit is that we can learn new things or knowledge from newspaper articles.

Choosing a formal newspaper is the first step. Then read hard news and head lines. We can learn a lot from head lines. And find out what we are interested. Select 5 articles to read. No more than 5 since we won’t have much time to finish many pages and columns in a day.

Next, read first or second paragraph of each article from which we’ll know what, when, how, why, and who to the information about news. There are some websites that help us to know up- to-date information. After we register, we can get access to news everyday. As I said,  read headlines first. If we really like the title, we can read the whole article.

These are the few ways to read English newspaper to benefit us. -ck

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