The Reason You Must Live Life To The Fullest

Posted on April 4, 2014 · Posted in Blog, General, Parenting, Personal

Ask yourself the following questions: ‘Why should I live life to the fullest?’ ‘For whom should I live?’ ‘For what should I live?’ These days, the suicide rate has been dramatically increasing. Many people take anti-depressant pills. According to a recent survey, over 70% of people answered that their life was not happy. Many people perceive that the life they live is neither fun nor vibrant. Why would people think this way?


The answer is simple. It is because human is selfish. It is because human cares only about himself and believes that he himself is leading his life. He believes his self is doing something.


7 billion people live on the Earth. But every single person lives in the world having their own will and their own mind. Although we live in the world together, every one of us lives in our own mind. Therefore, we live only for our own sake and so, we are unable to see each other. Then, we collapse out of exhaustion. We cry; we get frustrated. From where has it gone wrong? Why is it only ‘me’ having tough times? But actually, it is not only you, but everyone. Because we can only see ourselves, we believe that we lead our life; consequently, we get exhausted. You are not living at your own will. I hope everyone stops thinking they themselves are living. Rather than seeing yourself, why don’t you live for others – it could be your family, your lover or friend, or it could also be some transcendent existence, like God. Why not live to make them happy?
Wisdom's WebzineMoreover, the reason for your living, or the reason for your diligent living, is not for your own fame or happiness. Think that you just have to live to the fullest for such beings that you love and admire. Believe that your power is sourced from them. When you come to a deadlock, do not be afraid of it or reproach yourself saying ‘why can’t I do it? Is it really my limit?’ Instead, solve out the problem by letting go of yourself and admitting that what is allowing you to break through your problem is not yourself, but your family and people around whom you love. In this way, everything will be solved rather easily. When you try to do something, it is unlikely that it easily works out. When you force yourself to solve some problem, it sometimes gets even more tangled. Let’s practice to let go of ourselves. Stop loving you and let go of yourself. Don’t do something for yourself. Get rid of yourself and get involved in matters. Everything then seems easy. Find the reason why this work must succeed instead of purely for you. Is it for happiness of your parents or your lover? Or, is it for the transcendent being you believe in? Work hard for them. Don’t worry about the result and just do the job because you want to make them happy and thus you can be happy with them.


Just do the job you are willing to do; you don’t need to follow suspicions and fear that come from your mind and just do without judgment and frustration. If you just work for it, it is certain that the results will appear. I believe this is the reason why we have to live life to the fullest; not for ourselves but for those whom we love.


Lastly, let me share my story. These days, I work all day long without day-offs. I feel tired and sometimes things don’t work out according to my will. Some moments of frustration come along, too. At those moments, I try not to think about myself. Instead, I think about those I love. Then, passion surges through my mind again and I become fully recharged. I feel good. If I care for me, I get exhausted and don’t feel good. However, whenever I think about them, I feel so good that it even boosts my energy for better work. This is why I live life to the fullest. –

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