Exploring the Relationship between Parents and Kids

Posted on January 3, 2013 · Posted in Parenting

The relationship between parents and kids is something that starts in the delivery room and continues throughout a person’s life. These relationships can and will go through many changes, it is the one part of history that repeats itself with each and every generation. Parents and kids react to situations differently and each generation thinks they are smarter than the one before them, while the older generation tends to view the next as being one of the most ill equipped to handle the tasks of daily life in society and both of them are right, to a degree.

relationship between parents and kids

Relationships between parents and kids that are instituted correctly, with love and compassion tend to be the ones that are treasured for decades to come. Families that have a long standing history of maintaining family ties and unity also tend to have healthier relationships among members as opposed to those realized between parents and kids from dysfunctional homes; however there are exceptions to this rule and more and more single parent families are being heralded as having stronger relationships between the child and the parent.

If the relationship between parents and kids begins to deteriorate the potential for long periods of non-communication and turmoil will be greatly increased. Problems of all kinds can contribute to the health of the relationship developed between two parties and nothing could be closer to the truth than when it occurs within the dynamics of the family unit. Children in this day and age mature at a faster rate than they did in years gone by. They feel more prepared and ready to handle responsibilities at an earlier age, which often cause a rift between the parents and kids since the parents don’t want to believe they are no longer needed to provide that aspect for their child.

When problems occur in relationships between parents and kids they need to be addressed at the earliest possible convenience, this will alleviate the opportunity for the problem to hang over future family events like a dark cloud waiting to rain on everyone’s parade. There may be the need for the parents and kids to remain away from each other to allow for tempers to cool and arguments to be thought over before an attempt at resolving the issue is made. Children don’t like to be told they can’t do something and will push and pull on every button they can to get their way; parents need to stay strong even in the face of anger.

Relationships between parents and kids can be long lasting friendships that cannot be duplicated with anyone else, therefore they need to be treasured and cherished whenever possible. Parents and kids need to reassure each other that they need each other and respect each other; if the respect and trust isn’t there the relationship will falter and require future adjustments to keep it on the positive side of the fence. It isn’t worth it to abandon your child or one of your parents; the ramifications are permanent and often cannot be forgiven even with long periods of rebuilding. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship with your child you not only need to be a parent but you need to be their best friend, somebody they feel comfortable talking to about anything under the sun and this process needs to begin long before they reach an adolescent age by which time it may be significantly more difficult to establish a relationship in the fashion you would like it to continue in.

As the adult, the relationship between parents and kids is primarily your responsibility so if problems exist or persist it is going to be up to you to determine what the correct solution to the situation is. Kids for the most part just want to be listened to, they want to know that their input matters, that their feelings about the situation are being addressed, so if you keep an open mind and are willing to negotiate you stand a better chance of success than you do if you rule with an iron fist and leave no room for debate or explanation. Keep in mind that times change and we must change with them if we don’t want to get left behind.

Resource Box: Everyone has the opportunity to establish a great relationship between parents and kids if they choose to do so. It is imperative that both parents and kids respect each other enough to communicate over concerns, problems or issues if the relationship is to be healthy in nature.

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