Salt-baked Crabs at Kali Little in Port Klang – Place to Eat and Enjoy!!!!

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Salt-baked Crabs at Kali Little in Port Klang

Judging from the sizeable crowd that Kali Little attracts each weekend, the restaurant isn’t exactly a best-kept secret among Klang residents and Selangorians. The biggest attraction at this zinc-roofed, semi-open restaurant is its signature speciality of salt-baked Indonesian mud crabs that come in extra-large size (about RM90 per crab).Lined or stacked up on metal plates, the crabs were a tempting sight to behold; their carapaces nicely scrubbed so that their orange hue beckoned invitingly. Gutted and cleaned but with the top shells left intact, the crabs were cleaved in the centre. This makes them easier to be divided into halves and their claws removed using the mini hammers, nut crackers and plastic cutting boards provided.

Dining here means getting your hands dirty but you won’t mind once you extract and taste chunks of the sweet, juicy crab meat. Touched by the merest hint of smoky brininess, we found the crabs cooked to just-right perfection.

Salt-baked crabs are the main lure at Kali Little

It was also comforting to know this eatery doesn’t go all out to foist the biggest (also the priciest) crabs on customers. For our dining party, the order taker told us that three medium-sized crabs (RM160) were enough to share and she was right. To avoid disappointment, it is advisable to call ahead and reserve those extra-large ones, especially during weekends.

If you are partial to prawns, the ‘jiu yim har’ (stir-fried salted prawns, RM48 for ½kg) comes highly recommended. Again the doneness was spot on; the crustaceans were deliciously springy and succulent to the bite. The steamed prawns were up to scratch too; their inherent sweetness captured in the pool of natural prawn jus atop a silky bed of steamed egg, amidst a scattering of slivered ginger.

The salted prawns were notable at Kali Little

The signature dish of fish in claypot should appeal to ardent fish lovers. Depending on your choice of fish or the day’s catch (our pick of red snapper was priced at RM78), the whole fish comes served in half a pot of clear broth, flavoured with sliced ginger, Chinese parsley, spring onion and a little Chinese wine.

Check what’s the freshest catch of the day before ordering the claypot fish

Instead of white rice, try the house fried ‘la la’ meehoon (medium – RM13). Baby ‘la la’ gave the hearty serving of rice vermicelli a decidedly moreish slant in addition to sliced garlic, onion and cabbage.

Heaps of baby lalas made this dish a delight

Families with children in tow or friends who eschew seafood should consider the crispy fried belly pork (medium – RM20) and stir-fried greens which constitute the usual gamut of local vegetables (RM10): romaine lettuce, kai lan, potato leaves or kangkung.

The crispy fried pork belly is popular with both kids and adults

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