Sarawak Wild Durian-Durian Nissa (Durio Oxleyanus Griff)

Posted on March 15, 2020 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal
The locals in Sarawak call this durian ‘nissa’.  In other parts of Malaysia, it is called ‘durian isu’ or ‘durian sukang’ in Sabah. This is a wild jungle durian.  It is probably the best of all jungle durians. This wild durian is smaller than other species of durians.  It is round and is the size of a sepak takraw ball.

It has very long sharp thorns. Unlike commercial durians which have five compartments, this one has four.  The fruit is very sweet and aromatic.  Some say it tastes like vanilla.  Some say it tastes like almonds. This one is found growing wild in the jungle of Serian district. This durian is found throughout the island of Borneo and in Peninsula Malaysia.


We have a bumper harvest of durians towards the end of 2013.  The durian season was at its peak in November. The wild durians are more expensive than the commercial ones.  It is sold for RM20 for 5 small ones or the same price for 4 .
Is there any takers? You will probably eat four pieces in a fruit.

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