Satar – a lovely, delicious and popular snack in Terengganu

Posted on April 3, 2020 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Last but not least is Satar. I’m pretty sure most of you know what is Satar and how does it looks like.  For those who never see Satar. You can see the picture on the top . Because it was too popular it has well received across of many country.

Satar is a kind of snack processed from fish meat. Satar, in order words means deboned fish meats blended together mixed several other items such as black pepper and onions before wrapped in banana leave and left to be grilled above charcoal fire and it has been made in triangular shaped.


There are three process to make Satar. There are mixing, packing and burning.


Fish meat mixed with ingredients such as coconut, onion, red ware, red chillie and condiments such as salt, sugar and mix until well blended.


Dough ready then wrapped with banana leaf cone. Hee-satar then pierced and closely arranged on bamboo blade provided.

 Satar is wrapped in banana leaf.


Satar be burned using two ways of using coal or griller. During baking, the distance between the hot coals and satar should not be too close to wrapping not charred and cooked contents.


It’s hard to get satar anywhere else in Malaysia but Terengganu has the best satar ever tasted beacuse it contains lots of fresh fish meat and the taste is not too sweet. You can get satar easily because mostly the satr will be sell near the roadside in Terengganu. Stop and get some! It is really delicious, once you start eating them, it’s hard to stop.


Or if you want to taste the most delicious satar, you can drop at Warung Aziz Satar in Kemaman, Terengganu. Most famous are the satar from Kuala Kemaman. Through word of mouth, the place is flocked by locals as well as visitors from other states to get a taste of this delicious delicacy complete with coconut drinks.


The nutrition facts of Satar is full with protein. This is because it contains lots of fresh fish meat and the taste is not too sweet.  Fish has many benefits for your heart health. Fish can lower the amount of saturated fat in your diet fatty acids in fish have also been shown to be important for your immune system, brain development, eye health and many other functions and organs in the body.


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