Sawi Vegetable Benefit

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Sawi is the name of a group of plants from the genus Brassica often used as vegetables. Vegetables are so popular in China, because that’s where the beginnings of Sawi grow up and then spread throughout the world. Sawi is diverse. But in broad outline there are 2 kinds, namely: Green Sawi and Sawi Putih. Both have differences on the trunk. Green Sawi is more often cooked stir fry, while Sawi Putih usually boiled only to complement the various dimsum.
And also for the Soup mix. nutritional content of mustard greens, mustard species Related benefits Brassica for health there are so many. Aside from being a source of fiber, the bitter taste of this vegetable is believed to be a potent anti-cancer compound. So you better understand about the benefits of Sawi, please refer to the explanation below:
1. Proven Benefits to Prevent Cancer Various kinds of cancer can be prevented by eating this vegetable. Therefore, these vegetables contain vitamin B complex that has been believed to improve cell regeneration function. So there are no cells that mutate abnormally.
2. Contains Fiber Fiber is needed by the human body to avoid digestive disorders, such as constipation. Fiber is also believed to wreak your blood circulation. Well, this Sawi vegetable was rich with fiber. Undoubtedly with routine mengonsumsinya, then your CHAPTER would be smooth.
3. Treating Damage Arteries Arterial Damage is more commonly known as Atherosclerosis. This happens because of the accumulation of plaque on the artery walls so that the blood flow is inhibited. Indeed, the fat content of his nabatinya shed the plaque.
4. Anti Inflammation It turned out that mustard plants rich with phytonutrients and Quercetin substances that can cure inflammation. If you often experience strep throat or skin can heal with a jus therapy for example.
5. Low Calorie Sawi Vegetables turned out to be low in calories. Levels are only 30 kilocalories for every 1 ounce. Of course this would be an alternative diet food. It will not make you fat.
 6. Contains Vitamin K Vitamin K contained in Sawi can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. The effect can rejuvenate all cells in your body tissues. So you will always look young, energetic, and creative.
7. Supplying Folic Acid into the Body Folic Acid is a very useful substance for fetal growth. So that later born babies will avoid the defects and premature. In addition, Folic Acid also helps synthesize DNA so the child will grow smart and healthy.
8. Has Alfa-Linoleic Acid Content This acid also functions as a brain nutrient. You are easy to stress and easy to forget or hard to think and remember, you should start a lot of consumption. This vegetable is efficacious to improve your brain’s ability.
 9. Vitamin C levels for health It turned out that levels of Vitamin C on Sawi more than oranges 2-fold. Of course this will greatly help you in rejuvenating the skin and improve the immune system. Research shows 1 cup measuring contain Vitamin C as much as 134%, while in Orange only 113%. Truly extraordinary.
10. As an Antioxidant Antioxidants are also one of the benefits of Sawi. This will make your facial skin bright and smooth. Free of excess oil, blackheads and pimples. Overall also make your body becomes fresh and fit. You can try this property by drinking juice or eating this vegetable is boiled half cooked.
11. Healthy Eyes So Clear Clear from Rabun
12. Prevent Breast Cancer
13. Anticipation of Cervical Cancer
14. Menghalau Prostate Cancer
15. Avoiding Colon Cancer
16. For Bone Health
17. Strengthening Teeth
18. Make Your Skin Shine and Clean Beautiful
19. Neutralizing Stomach Acid
20. Increase Appetite
21. Food Alternative Diet
22. Preventing Constipation
23. Prevent Bowel Cancer
24. Kidney Cleaning
25. Improve Brain Intelligence
26. Overcoming Stroke
27. Prevent Brain Cancer
28. Lowering Cholesterol
29. Hypertension Medication
30. Treating Thrush

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