Serai (Cymbopogon Ciatrus) Benefits To Health

Posted on August 23, 2014 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal


Serai in Latin called “Cymbopogon Ciatrus” or better known as plant roots and stems are commonly used to spice flavoring dishes. Lemon grass can grow to a height of about 2-4 meters in warm weather, but used in different cultures, lemon grass plant parts like roots, leaves, and stems can be used for Herbal or “Traditional Medicine”.
Here are some of the Efficacy and Serai for the health benefits you need to know:*
Beautiful Skin
Many benefits Serai used in the cosmetics industry, such as reducing or curing acne and also serves as a skin freshener. Lemongrass oil can also be massaged into the entire body to give effect to warm the skin.*
Women’s Health
Useful addition to the beauty of the skin, Serai can also help reduce menstrual pain and nausea by taking the given lemongrass tea.*
Digestive Disorders Drugs
Serai contained in tea can help to overcome digestive disorders, colds, stomach ache, diarrhea and intestinal cramps. In addition, Serai is also beneficial to reduce and prevent the formation of intestinal gas.*
Detoxifying properties owned Serai can increase the frequency of urination. Citronella also can get rid of uric acid and toxic substances in the body that makes the digestive organs, bladder, pancreas, kidneys and liver clean and healthy.*
Lowers Blood Pressure
Consumption of a glass of lemon grass juice to reduce hypertension. Because Serai is also effective to stimulate blood circulation, reduces blood pressure and eliminate the problem of blood pressure.*
Benefits of the Nervous System
Lemongrass Essential Oil can also be made that can be used to enhance and strengthen the function of the nervous system. Rub citronella oil on the surface of the body to relax the muscles, giving the effect of warming and relieve spasm.*
As Analgesics
If you experience muscle aches, joint pain and toothache, try the lemon tea consumption serai.Karena containing citronella also can relieve all types of inflammation and irritability associated with aches and pains.*
Prevent Cancer
According to some studies, that every 100 grams of lemon grass contains antioxidants that can prevent cancer. In 2006, a team of researchers found compounds in lemongrass body that can kill cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.Those are some of the benefits and efficacy of traditional medicine and Serai for the health of the body which may also you need to know. Lemongrass oil that can be made asiri, often used in the cosmetics industry for the manufacture of soaps, perfumes and skin care products.

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