Should a school teacher be kind or strict?

Posted on February 21, 2020 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

There is an old Chinese saying that goes; “Only under the lead of strict parents or teachers will children behave themselves and study hard.” It is a paramount belief of many parents and teachers. In ancient China, teachers even had the right to beat their students when they did not study hard or obey them.

Time past, this kind of conception and idea has totally reversed by exchanging teaching experience and knowledge with foreign countries. From my point of view, students will be more effective and willing to learn when they encounter patient and kind teachers.

Students, especially elementary pupils, are more prone to listen to those teachers who they like, and study hard on subjects taught by teachers they are fond of. For example, just like myself, I listened carefully on English classes in fundamental school, thanks to the beautiful and kind English teacher I had at that time. She was always patient on every questions I asked and kept smiling. I liked her a lot, so each English class, I behaved myself, and paid attention to every words she said, just to leave her a good impression on me. And I was very good at English subject that time, simply because I liked the teacher, which encouraged me to study hard.

It seems that students are afraid of strict and serious teachers, so they are lean to keep quite in the classes taught by those teachers. But they just keep quite, which does not mean that they listen or follow the teacher, and they may even do not think in class. That definitely does not do any good to lift up the efficiency of studying. Simply letting students obey the teachers is an old and past education style, which will just cultivate the youngs without independent thinking or any ideas about themselves.

To sum up, kind and patient teachers is the best choice for students, with whom students are more likely to study hard and behave themselves. Whilst, teachers who keep serious and strict will just bring us so-called “good students”. – AnniehalNatural memory enhancer