Struggling Student Improves Mid-Year Grades From 3B, 4C To 6A, 1B

Posted on August 5, 2015 · Posted in Testimonials


I was struggling.

My name is Harley Vendro Andrew from Sabah, and my parents had high ambitions that I will achieve a successful future. Still, I struggled to excel at studying and sports training, because I felt drained by the end of every day.

Through the exhaustion I remained dedicated.

Every day I walked into class prepared to excel, yet struggling to focus through my lessons from 6:50 am until 3.30 pm—and continued pushing myself to join my teammates on the training grounds at 4.00 pm so I could prepare to help my team win in competitions in various athletic competitions.

It felt like it would never end.

After training ended at 5.45 pm I would drag myself to clean up and have dinner, only to return to my evening classes from 7.00 pm until 10.00 pm. Like many students trying to achieving academic excellence and my passion for athletics left me feeling exhausted at the end of every day, thus unable to perform well in school.

My parents felt my future was threatened.

They suggested I stop my athletic pursuits and focus solely on my academics at Malaysia’s second best school, and the top school in Sabah–Sekolah Menengah Sains Sabah, Kota Kinabalu—where I was offered a place when I scored 5 A’s for UPSR 2010, and recorded excellent results for PMR in 2013.

PMR 2013 Result

PMR 2013 Result

I didn’t want to give up another championship.

You see, after nine consecutive years being the champion of Track and Field, I was able to help my school become champions in 2014. So it is easy to see why I would want to maintain my dual important responsibilities; to my team and to my academics.


I nearly lost the battle.

My parents never pushed me to excel at both academics and sports, reminded me of the Malay proverb, “You cannot pursue more than one thing lest you lose the ones already in your possession.” No matter how much I wanted to please my parents by pursuing only my academics, the idea of ending my athletic pursuits left me feeling empty. Athletics had been a part of me for too long. Since I could not give up sports I needed a way to improve my learning speed, memorizing capabilities, and increase my energy.

I needed a way to excel at everything.

I thought I would always have to feel this sleepy. My mother was reading the newspaper and saw a testimonial from another student who had clearly overcome their exhaustion, and improved their focus and test scores with Memo Plus Gold. I read even more about many other good benefits and effects. It was a natural memory enhancer, made from herbs, so I felt safe and so did my mom.

What my mom did changed my life.

My mom called the dealer and ordered Memo Plus Gold. I trusted my mother and tried it. After a few days of taking Memo Plus Gold my brain felt fresher, and I had more energy. I became more focused, and suddenly felt like I no longer missed all the important things which were taught by the teacher.

I had the energy to work and study harder.

My motivation continued to rise when I realised that taking it allowed me to study for even longer, even after long weight training and distance running sessions. Evening classes were a breeze, and I even managed to study from 11pm to 1 am without my eyes feeling heavy.

My long term memory has improved.

Before my mom recommended this, I often found myself forgetting information I had read by the next day. Now everything I read, hear or learn seems to stick in my memory. Even the answers to my homework come to me more quickly, so I finally have adequate time for revisions.

My sports performance has improved.

I love how energetic I feel after my training, and how effortlessly I can stay up to concentrate during my late night studies. Long distance events no longer make my brain forgetful of information, even in my toughest subjects.

Athletic Participation Certificate

My parents, teachers and coaches are happy.

I am happy with how quickly Memo Plus Gold allowed me to excel. My parents, and teachers are even happier than I because they encouraged me to excel, and know I can now perfectly finish all of the tasks they have entrusted to me on time. I am proud because this helps maintain my school’s dignity.

My test scores improved.

Since I was able to study harder, retain more information long term and stay focused, my PMR 2013 was very good. I scored 6A and 1B, up from my mid-year score of only 3B and 4C. As I continued taking Memo Plus Gold my trial results improved to 1A, 4B and 2C. This shows that all my hard work to achieve outstanding result in PMR had paid off.

Mid-Year and Trial Exam results

Mid-Year and Trial Exam results 2013

I have every reason to continue taking it.

Since everything has improved, and the price of 60 Memo Plus Gold capsules is only RM63.50 inclusive of the GST, I will continue taking it for as long as I can, because I trust that I will achieve better result in my SPM in 2015, so I can go to the pre-U of my choice, and continue to make my parents, teachers, and school proud.Natural memory enhancer