Study in Malaysia is an Excellent Choice

Posted on June 18, 2013 · Posted in General

There are many students who are finding that continuing their Study in Malaysia is an excellent choice because they have world-class institutions of higher learning, it is a secure atmosphere, and the rates for many of the universities are very competitive when compared to other parts of the world.  For English-speaking foreign students, they even have English-speaking instructors, and they have curriculum that provides the student a choice of levels and major fields of study.

Study in Malaysia is an Excellent Choice

Levels of Study

Since there are literally several hundred universities and colleges throughout Malaysia, there are plenty of choices for students.  The degreed levels begin with pre-university course materials for students who simply want a diploma or A-level foundations of study.  There are also a variety of undergraduate courses that are compliant with foreign degreed programs from North America including America and Canada, as well as the United Kingdom, and Australia that provide students a Bachelors of Science or Arts degree.  And finally, Study in Malaysia can include post-graduate programs for the pursuit of a masters or doctorate degree program.  There are comprehensive ranges of materials and courses that accommodate assorted fields of study for a diverse set of students.

Benefits of Studying in Malaysia

When students around the world are trying to determine the location that would afford them the best education in their chosen field, for many students who want to Study in Malaysia, it is the perfect option. There are some great reasons that students consider Malaysia to either begin or further their degree, such as:

  • The quality of life in Malaysia is among the highest in this part of the world. They have exceptional medical institution for health care, reliable communications networks, and the campuses are world-class.  (For hungry students, there’s also excellent food, and plenty of it.)
  • Another great reason to live there is the low cost of living.  For students who Study in Malaysia, the tuition fees are often one-third that of other country and living costs are quite low.  Some of these costs, when compared, are upwards of 60% less than comparable living condition in other countries.
  • In general, Malaysia is one of the safest countries in the world and certainly one of the most stable.  The weather is rather consistent throughout the year without extremes in temperatures, neither too hot nor too cold; however, there are some rainy seasons, but most people endure the monsoons with little trouble.   (In fact, in one study on the global peace index, Malaysia was rated the 19th most peaceful country in which to live when compared to over 160 other countries.)  the people are friendly, and the country-side is beautiful – with plenty of sites to explore over the weekends or the holidays.
  • Malaysia is known for its high quality of educational standards, when has allowed Malaysia to be identified as the Center for Excellence in Education.  The standards are closely monitored by the Ministry of Higher Education for continuity and accreditation excellence and standards.
  • Students can obtain a foreign degree from universities in North America, Britain, Canada, and Australia and there are a number of foreign universities located throughout Malaysia as well.  They may have started their field of study in London, and circumstances brought them to Malaysia which is fortunate because they can continue their study in Malaysia.
  • The immigration process for these international students is relatively easy when compared to the policies of many other counties.  They genuinely welcome foreign students and make the process of moving there as a student, much easier.
  • People who Study in Malaysia find that, because there are so many cultures and races all living together peacefully in this small area, that there is an abundance of all types of food.  Whether it’s Halal or Kosher, or non-Halal, the students eating preferences are accommodated.  (Certainly, abundance of preferred food is a foremost thought for many students.)
  • Most foreign students find communication in Malaysia quite easy because English and Malay are the primary languages, but many other languages are also spoken throughout the country.  Because Malaysia has a varied ethnic and cultural diversity, the students who Study in Malaysia find it quite rewarding.

Excellent Opportunity

For any student who wants to Study in Malaysia, they will find the diversity of the country rewarding, the educational facilities among the best in the world, and with low tuition and cost of living expenses, and it’s a great place for students.  They have a vast supply of wonderful and welcoming people and exceptional universities at which to study.

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