The Best 15 Natural Memory Enhancers to Energize Your Brain Power

Posted on April 10, 2013 · Posted in Memory Improvement Guides
The Best Food for Brain Power and Energy

The Best Food for Brain Power and Energy

The human sees, does, learns and observes quite a lot of things in a day that he or she definitely needs memory enhancers to do remember them all. Nowadays, it’s a not a wonder meeting people with memory lapse problems, where they can’t remember many things that they did. Generally, there are different methods of improving one’s memory and that’s by staying away from stress, brain exercises and consuming healthy foods. There are different types of memory enhancers some of which include nutrients and some are natural methods. The following are some examples of enhancers;

Even though this is a rare vegetable, it is full of folic acid which not only aids in prevention of memory loss but can also help in reversing lost memory. It’s also used to curb Alzheimer’s disease since it has folic acid which is a great supplement. It’s always advisable when taken daily since it serves a great role in keeping the brain healthy.

Fish and other foods which are rich in Omega-6 and Omega-6 fish oil are very essential for the brain. These food substances helps the brain in its overall functions, boosts the IQ level and enhances visual processing. However, people are advised not to consume fish on high levels (less than 3 times a week) to prevent the high mercury levels.

According to the studies done, these fruits are incredible because of their ability to keep the brain healthy and improve memory. They have a substance known as anthocyanin which is excellent in boosting memory. They also have some other components which help in protecting the brain.

These small juicy and sweet fruits are also good in enhancing memories. No matter the color, they also have substances known as anthocyanin and quercetin which improves memory.

This plant has very high levels of antioxidants anthocyanin which are good enhancers. Nasunin is also found on this plant and is good for brain health. The antioxidants help in fighting off and killing the disease causing micro organisms.

Most of the red onions are highly concentrated with anthocyanin and quercetin which are widely known for their ability to fight loss of memory and make the brain function well. White and yellow onions are full of quercetin. They are good memory enhancers.

Broccoli, Beets, Apples, Black Currant, Kale, Asparagus, Sweet Potato And Cantaloupe:
All of the above mentioned plants are highly concentrated with folic acids, anthocyanin, array of vitamins, antioxidants, Nasunin and antioxidants which are very important in keeping the breath healthy and are good memory enhancers.

There are also some natural methods that are used as memory enhancers such as;
Resting and sleeping- after working for long period of time, the body will need to rest. Since the brain is a part of the body, it also requires some rest if overworked. The main reason as to why we sleep to rest our brains is to enable them to convert all the information it has learned and observed to actual memories. This mainly occurs when one is sleeping or during the sleep thus the more one sleeps, the higher his or her chances of channeling his or her brain to remember many things.

Stay away from stress- by staying away from any kind of stress, your brain will relax function well. When one is stressed, he or she tends to think a lot thus ends up overworking the brain. However, there are some instances where we cannot avoid the stresses so the best think is to consider avenues that will eliminate and make us forget all about the stress one has. Yoga sessions, warm showers, aromatherapy, watching movies are some of the best natural memory enhancers since they facilitate keeping the brain away from stress.

Other best forms of natural memory enhancers are by keeping your body away from vices such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Generally, alcoholism and smoking leads to constriction of blood vessels which take blood into the brain. When this occurs, poor circulation and aeration makes the brain less healthy. When certain nutrients take longer time to reach the brain, it tends to work at a slower rate. To avoid such instances, try out all the memory enhancers that are there.Natural memory enhancer