Together we are stronger

Posted on July 30, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal
Sammen er vi stærke

Here are five of my students. I gave them the task to show “together we are stronger” and this was what they ended op with. Another group made this acrobatic figure below, showing that we depend on each other as we move forward in life.

Mahatma Gandhi was a true visionary, peacemaking and loving man. He knew what the real qualities of life was and he was fighting for poor people and for justice. He tried to unite people against tyrants and oppressors, and that he died for.


If we have more people like Gandhi, maybe there is a hope for a better world, and fortunately there are.

The TOGETHER. STRONGER. initiative, empowered by the Caterpillar Foundation, promotes the value of community action. Of citizen action. Of action by global citizens.  #TogetherStronger

The idea has never been more powerful, nor more necessary. The world?s nations have united around the UN?s Global Goals that will guide international development for the next 15 years, and now it?s time for citizens in all communities to unite as well. 

And we just have to realize that being strong together doesn´t mean that we have to be strong against someone else. Other religions, color of skin, refugees etc. NO we have to understand each other, help each other and care for each other. Instead of building walls we have to help all the places where help is needed.


Things are not going well for millions of people around the world. Eg The West are still droping bombs in Syria and must likely hitting innocent people and The European Union are preventing african countries to sell their cheaper products in Europa, just to protect the farmers in Europe. Lots of things has to be better in this world, so many more can have a good life, and for that to happen we have to stand together and find the real human values and then work together.


Let us unite. If you are in doubt, then remember that the strongest force is LOVE, and we all need love to make the world more peaceful and multiple (nature, art etc.). We are not all the same, no and that is good, diversity is fantastic, that is the power of evolution. Who doesn´t respect evolution. But no one is more worth than others and therefore you have to respect all people in the world as equals. Also the people that has not experienced so much love or love at all. We shall all be good to each other and help creating good lives for each other. Try to share more with other people, love, food and things. Then I think, that the world will be a better place for all of us. Just remember, what do you want to take with you when you leave this life and what do you want to be remembered for.

Love, health and wisdom    -BrianNatural memory enhancer