Uppuma for breakfast is good for you

Posted on July 30, 2016 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal


Upma or Uppuma is a common South Indian breakfast dish, cooked as a thick porridge from roasted semolina. Various seasonings and/or vegetables are often added during the cooking, depending on individual preferences. Most Indians loves Upma anytime of the day.

Upma is not only delicious but also a healthy breakfast option. I always add vegetables while making Upma to make it more nutritious. Making Upma does not take much time and can be done in 15-20 minutes, if you have the roasted semolina ready. You can always roast semolina keep it in an air-tight container. this way the semolina stays good for a longer time.

Upma or Uppuma is a easy to make and simple healthy breakfast for everyone. -ckNatural memory enhancer